How To Raise The Frequency Of The World In 6 Easy Steps

The energy of the universe manifests all around us. It is the essence that everything is made of, it is the power that constitutes all rules and patterns of all things in the universe.

However, all of the beings and objects radiate and manipulate the energy all around them. All of us too are surrounded by energy on a specific frequency and our aura makes it possible to define our mood, behavioral patterns and even personality type.

On the other hand, this ‘creator’s’ energy works in quite an amazing way. The concept of micro-macro cosmos and levels of existence, as well as the consistency, relativeness and synchronicity of this energy define everything in this reality, just as accurate as it sounds!

To make it simple- see the things this way- everything and everyone is connected. The level of independent existence is closely connected with the certain level of common existence. All actions take consequences and our frequency vibration directly influence the frquency vibrations of our surroundings and even the whole world.

These are 7 easy steps how to raise your own frequency and the frequency of the world. In this article, we help you spread positivity throughout the world:

1. Focus on soul work.

Try different spiritual practices and try to learn more about spirituality and how to manipulate your own energy. Work on your soul and raise your vibration through any spiritual means that resonate with you.

2. Remove habits that lower your vibration.

Raising your vibration is an important aspect of uplifting the world. However, it’s nothing without removing the things that drain your energy and lower your vibration. Find out if you have habits that are dragging you down. These may include wrong activities, like watching too much news or internalizing the voices of the society. Poor eating habits, too much alcohol and stress also dim your shine.

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3. Discover your path.

We all have different paths in our spiritual journey. We are all observers of this Universe from different angle and moment in time. Yet, we all come to the same truth just looking at it from a different angle. It’s because we each have unique experiences and memories that we create different beliefs, develop different gifts, and come to different conclusions. But the truth within is all the same- discover your own path and purpose, to be able to influence the world around you.

4. Become self-sustaining.

This is one of the mosti mportant classical teachings in antiquity. Learning how to manage yourself properly is one of the most important things for each human being, despite everything else. You may want to be positive, but you won’t if you don’t learn how to hold the perfect balance.

5. Aim to be more connected, not dependent.

Dependency is a ture cancer in this society of consumerism, materialism and clientelism. It is the time to think openmidedly and take actions to show yourself and the people around you that there is a difference. Focus on the value of the bondings between human and love. Try to connect with people and show them the bright side.

6. Start doing something about your purpose.

As you start connecting with your soul your real purpose starts to emerge gradually. The reason you’re here is to shine your light through your purpose.The moment you radiate your light gloriously, through your purpose, it’s then that you’re able to uplift the world and create a lasting impact.So when you start becoming more aware about what your purpose might be, start doing something about it.

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