6 Clear Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone

There are many signs that define a strong connection between two individuals. We’ve been mostly focused on the ‘special’ connections in the universe like the soulmate and twin flame connection, but in the end, aren’t all interhuman connections special, especially those who end up in a lifetime romance?

Well, sometimes even ‘ordinary’ connections may be extremely powerful and radiate with strong high-frequency vibration of pure love and passion. On the other hand, the strong spiritual connection may not be always romantic.

Some people may establish strong spiritual bonding through spiritual practices too, and use their potential of compatible mutual energy, which is gift given by the universe itself.

6 Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone:

1. You feel like you have known them your whole life.

This is the most common sign. The energy is very strong and looks familiar to you and this happens on a subconscious level where you receive the same positive energy from the person that is supposed to have a spiritual connection with you.

2. Silence is not silence when it is between the two of you.

When you two sit in silence it is not necessarily sitting in silence. There is no awkwardness and you are still conversing with one another within. Your souls are speaking to one another even without words.

3. You can be yourself around this person.

There are no boundaries between you and this person, you can be wh you truly are without acting or trying to impress them. You also don’t feel judged, misunderstood or underestimated.

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4. Your conversations are unstoppable.

This is another sign that indicates a strong connection. You just can’t stop talking to each other and you constantly feel the need to know more about themselves and share more about yourself.

5. They make you feel safe.

This person is someone that you have never been uncomfortable around. Right off the bat, you felt safe around him or her. There was no nervousness or fears.

6. You have similar minds.

This is what is actually supposed to impress you- the way your brains work. The synchronicity of your thoughts, the nature of your logic and the way of expression will be exactly the same. You will love it how both of you can communicate, sometimes, without even saying a single word.

Source: AwarenessAct

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