Your Crown Chakra Is Awakening If You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms

The crown chakra is very important chakra because is closely connected with the pineal gland and may be the crucial factor for successful spiritual awakening. However, we know that all of the chakras have multiple meanings and each of them covers certain physical and spiritual processes.

The crown chakra is the heart of the soul, which supplies infinite energy into the body clearing blockages and strengthening all the other chakras and meridians. The crown chakra is associated with the colour violet and is situated a few inches above your head.

This means that the opening of your crown chakra must not always be connected with spirituality or have a strong spiritual purpose. Anyway, at some point in life, you may find yourself struggling with the unpleasant symptoms of the crown chakra opening.

These are the most common symptoms:

Body pains and headaches

This is a clear sign and probably the most common. Headaches, especially undefined, indicate that you may have entered the process of opening of the crown chakra.When you going through this process you may find that the top of your head feels itchy and possibly some irritating sensations on your neck.


You start changing the behavorial patterns. This sounds like a big deal to you, but this happens rather subconsciously and its a slow, but extremely effective process where you start detaching from your old life’s patterns. Seclusion is one of the main symptoms of this process.


While undergoing this process you might find that you will lose your appetite. Your body will crave for certain foods that will nourish your body and soul. Often during this transition, people switch from meat diet to vegan or vegetarian.

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Radical changes in the sleeping patterns are just another clear indication. Insomnia and, in the same period of time, oversleeping may sound very illogical and disfunctional, but this kinds of ‘errors’ happen when the crown chakra is in disbalance or before opening.

Source: ConsciousEnlightenment

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