7 Earthly Pleasures of an Old Soul

Old souls are those among us who have a different perspective and views about everything and all. They are empathic and sensitive. There are those amongst us who simply do not share the same experiences as the rest of the people. These people always tend to have their own perspective on things, a perspective that generally does not conform to those of the majority.

However, the old souls are human beings too and if you thought that they are closed-minded and extremely introvert people, you made a huge mistake. They have their own patterns of thinking and behaving, so they probably like different things than the rest of us.

Old Soul Traits: A Few Pleasures Enjoyed by Old Souls

1. You Enjoy your Solitary Time

Solitude is something they can’t live without. Their way of life is defined by their solitary time, that’s how they find emotional balance and understanding about the outside world. On the other hand, they just love being alone, it’s something like ‘free time’ to them. That’s how they take a break from life.

2. Spiritually Aligned

Old souls generally exhibit a more sensitive demeanor towards more spiritually inclined things. Things that seem like a life long struggle for most, such as overcoming one’s ego or seeking enlightenment, come naturally to these awakened souls.

Old souls are matured souls in younger personas. They usually derive pleasure in pursuing peace and fostering meaningful relationships where there is an actual connection. To them, there is no wiser way to spend one’s time.

3. An Inherent Love for Knowledge and Truth

Old souls naturally more gravitate towards the intellectual aspects of life. Although, no one inherently possesses wisdom, old souls have a natural inclination towards acquiring knowledge for pleasure and in the process, a significantly more accurate and educated perspective on life.

4. A Holistic Perspective on Life

Old souls are more likely to be reminded of the fragility of life and implications of mortality. This causes them to develop the pessimist’s loop thinking about the unknown and make them to withdraw.

However, such a perspective on life also helps them to decisively and wisely dictate the trajectory of their lives and try to find pleasures in even the smallest of things.

For example, instead of taking pictures of an event or experience, they will choose to experience it in its entirety and engrain it within themselves once and for all.

5. An Introspective Nature

Thinking and contemplation are acts that come naturally to old souls. In the moments of silence, when one can truly hear their own thoughts, an aspect that one needs to delve deeper into their consciousness and examine life and other things introspectively.

It is also these dissective thought processes that allow old souls to learn so many lessons and acquire insights into such varying life situations.

6. A Rebellious Outlook

They won’t settle down for anything less than pute justice, rightfulness and progress, both individual and mutual. Old Souls follow justice as it is, and they love the truth. On the other hand, they live in a cruel world of double standards and sick neo-liberalism and globalism that are destroying humans as they naturally are. Old Souls won’t ever accept the liberal elites who enslave millions of people worldwie, nor going to serve somebody except themselves and God.

7. The Pleasure of Feeling Old

Well, this probably is the most common sign that you or someone else is definitely an old soul. The old souls always struggle to adapt and be compatible with their generation. Most of these people for the most of their lives spend time with people way older than them.

Source: Spiritual Unite