25 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide

People worldwide experience strange symptoms because of the unpleasant cocktail of feelings and emotions in the past couple of months. All of those who are truly interested in spirituality and try to be well informed, knew about the radical energy shifts that occur on this planet and they, also, knew how to prepare for these changes.

However, most of us are still unaware of what’s actually happening all around us. People struggle with themselves, to redifine their personality or they are trying to understand why they feel different recently.

Actually, it’s realy hard to make a clear distinction between the symptoms of this radical change that occurs. However, we will share the 25 most common symptoms.

1. Sugar/chocolate cravings.
Personally I hardly ever get these as I do not have much of a sweet tooth, it was rather odd to have such nearly overpowering “need” for chocolate and sweets that came and went in waves.

2. Unfamiliar eating patterns
Loss of appetite, sudden quickly passing cravings and inability to figure out what you want to eat. Cravings for lighter high-vibrational raw foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, being turned off by the smell and even the thought of any meat and fish products. I am not a vegetarian and I normally know exactly what it is I want to eat, so experiencing this was rather strange.

3. Weird sleep patterns, strong need for extra sleep and naps
Passing out and waking up at strange hours, needing extra-long sleep time, needing naps, none of which I usually do.

4. Pressure, pain, swirling and drilling sensations around solar plexus area
5. Pressure, swirling and drilling sensations around the head
Especially around the third eye and on top of the brain underneath the scull, as if something is working directly on the brain, all of the above resulting in headaches.

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6. Headaches
Headaches occurring after the “drilling” sensations and passing when I drop resistance and meditate on embracing and integrating the upgrades.
7. Hearing strange sounds
People are reporting hearing the same kind of buzzing “metallic/mechanical” yet somehow really pleasant “otherworldly” sounds and also a hum that reminds them of “sounds of the spheres”.

8. Heightened sensitivity and awareness of everything around
Remember that movie “Lucy”? Something between 20% and 28%

9. Intensified senses, especially the sense of smell
My sense of smell became so strong during night time hours that all of a sudden with my eyes closed I can smell every object in my room

10. Technology malfunctions when you come near it or touch it
Lights flickering, Internet going out, cell phone shutting down or dropping calls, computer crashing, etc. My cell phone showed time as “3:11AM Jan 6” when it was 8:11AM March 16.

11. Awareness of the waves that technology produces
I normally don’t feel those so clearly, but one night I forgot to turn off my cell phone and when I woke up to do my meditation, although I wasn’t consciously aware of my phone being on, I vividly felt the waves in the room and their interference with my entering meditative state.

12. Being out of focus as if being inside a movie, especially during motion
Sensation like being inside a movie and watching the road and everything around you “on screen” while walking or driving

13. Body out of coordination, loss of balance
Normally I’m pretty well-coordinated, been tripping over everything during that time

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14. Quickly passing constant waves of intense conflicting and overlapping emotions
Do I want to laugh, cry, jump with joy or be upset about something all at the same time all day long?! And what is it I am actually feeling anyway?! This one has been especially uncomfortable for people.

15. Enhanced ADD-like symptoms
Officially I don’t have ADD but for about a week it felt like I did. This translated into inability to focus on one subject, an avalanche of thoughts flooding my mind all at the same time, pulling my attention in a million different directions all at once.

16. Interruption of the flow
You feel that your abilities to focus are very weak. You find it hard to stay focused on one thing, but multitasking is an issue too.

17. Strange, unfamiliar sensations in the body
You’re slowly becoming self-aware in all meanings of the term and you start developing different reality about your material existence.

18. Extra-fast healing of the body
Illnesses, alergies, cuts- these things will be no issue for those who are passing through this process. On the other hand, some of us may see visible manifestation of the newly ‘developed’ healing abilities.

19. Sudden waves of chills, goose-bumps

20. Heightened synchronicities

21. Instant manifesting of thoughts into “reality”.

This is the thing that fascinates us the most. It’s simply awesome to know that your thoughts could actually be materialized in the 3-d reality. However, this mostly happens on subconscious levels.

22. Intensified visuals in meditations
My meditative practice has become exceptionally rich with visuals, presence and multi-dimensional awareness

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23. Time lapses and dilation, loss of sense of time
Being able to observe “in real life” how flexible time really is.


24. Unmistakable awareness and “symptoms” of shifting timelines

25. Re-evaluation of your individual truth

This is the crucial purpose of these energy shifts- people are supposed to define or re-define their personality and their true purpose in life. We all have a reason, even if we are not aware of it. We need to make our dreams come true, and the best way is to acknowledge ourselves, accept ourselves and invest ourselves in building a prosperous future.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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