7 Step New Moon Ritual For New Beginnings

The New Moon rituals were part of the human’s culture for millenniums. It is nice to see how different cultures all over the world worshiped and tried to understand the planets and the other cosmic objects around our planet such as our only natural satellite- The Moon.

Each new moon gives us the chance to look for a brighter future and prepare ourselves for succesful beginning of another circle. However, there is a simple and very powerful ritual that will help you keep high-frequency vibrations all around you and attract good karma.

These are the 7 steps:

New Moon Ritual Step #1 – Gather the Supplies
Several Candles
Notebook or Journal
Pen or Pencil
Favorite Crystals
Precious Stones
Herbs (Hawthorn for Money, Rosebuds for Love, Sage for Clearing Energy)
Metal Bowl
Matches or Lighter

New Moon Ritual Step #2 – Set-Up Your Altar
Lay out the candles, crystals, precious stones in an altar fashion in a little nook in your home (if the room has a window where you can see the #moon this is ideal, but not mandatory)

New Moon Ritual Step #3 – Get Centered
Get comfy. Take several deep breaths, relax your body, and close your eyes. Open your eyes and light the candles being mindful of each candle.

New Moon Ritual Step #4 – Write it Down
Using the piece of paper and pen, write down EXACTLY (like every nook and cranny) of exactly what you want: a #soulmate, a life purpose, more #money, a baby, a home, clear skin…) Be as specific as possible and take as long as you light during this process.

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New Moon Ritual Step #5 – Read It Aloud
Read everything on the paper out loud 5 times and make sure everything on your list you’re setting the intention that there will be NO roadblocks to attaining these goals. Don’t let #fear trickle in or worry about HOW it will happen, just trust the #Universe and use the moon’s energy!

New Moon RitualStep #6 – Burn Baby, Burn
Loosely crumble the paper and then dip the paper into the flame on one of the candles and burn the paper and place it in the metal bowl and watch it burn. (if you don’t have a metal bowl, you can walk to the bathroom and flush the paper down the drain)

New Moon Ritual Step #7 – Anticipate the Miracles!
Get ready to start seeing #miracles soon! I have seen results as little as 3 weeks.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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