Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Does These 9 Things

According to some people, being single is a cruse, according to others is a blessing. However, we will all agree that each one of us deserves to find their better half and invest themselves in better mutual future, full of prosperity, love, compassion, and dreams for a better tomorrow.

Being in a strong relationship means way more than just love and passion. It means building future and uniting as one. Most of the successful relationship end up in marriage and result in materializing of the purest love in the form of a child.

Anyway, being in a successful relationship means evolving in something bigger, something sared, something that inspired the greatest artists, writers and musicians to created their biggest and most spectacular masterpieces.

On the other hand, being in a rotten relationship may be a living horror. One thing is for sure- you must not enter in a relationship at any cost. It is certainly better to remain single until you meet THE REAL ONE.

These 9 things should help you determine that special person:

1. They help you to forget your past.
They will help you detach from your past and look forward to a bright future full of energy and positivity. They won’t even dare to judge your past or use it against you to make you feel uncomfortable or as an insult. They will help you overcome all that you faced in the past and will heal your soul.

2. They comfort you in many different ways.
You just feel comfortable and safe around them. You feel that you can be your truly self and open your soul in front of them.

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3. They respect you and your boundaries.
Mutual respect is crucial in each relationship. Boundaries, on the other hand, define our personality and makes us who we are, among the other things, of course. However, the partner that loves you passionately and unreservedly respect your boundaries.

4. They change your definition of love.
They make you feel differently about love. The way you think about love is never going to be how it really is. They make you feel as if you are truly living out that magical fairytale that was not achievable.

5. They do not make you confused about their feelings.
They know what they want and don’t beat around the bush. You don’t have to guess whether or not they’re interested in you. They put everything on the table and if you are interested then you make the next move.

6. They push you to be the best version of yourself.
They want you to be the best you that you can be. They take care of you and help you to achieve all of your goals and dreams. They push you, but not in a bad way.

7. They treat you like a valued best friend right off the bat.
They don’t treat you like an option. They are kind and caring towards you from the very beginning. You instantly connect.

8. They listen to you when you speak.
We have to mention that communication is one of the crucial elements of a succesful relationship too. The partner who respects you and loves you will be always focused on your conversation and will let you speak. The things you have to say truly matter to them and they want to use your advice.

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9. They do not contradict themselves.
They stay true to their words and actions. You can trust their promises and you don’t catch them lying to you. They also know their limits and they promise only what they are able to commit.

Source: Awarenessact

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