S*x and Aural Energy – How Your Intimate Energy Interacts With Others

The sexual connection is a special kind of bonding that is often abused by those who are not able or willing to accept this form of love as it is. As we said many times before, we live in a materialistic and consumeristic world where the spiritual meaning and power of all things is completely neglected, but we value only those things that we are able to consume, see, touch and pay for it!

Love is for free- making love is materializing the emotions and ‘outbursting’ your sexual aura. However, we are taught, consciously or not, that sex could be a one-time thing, sex could be a practicism involving more than 2 people at the same time, animals, and even children. Those sick people want to brainwash humanity and make us lose ourselves and forget what making love really is.

In this article, we want to talk about the sexual energy and the aural energy. Have you ever heard that we could perform healing and cleansing effects during our sexual connection?

Just like washing your hands cleans one part of your body and washing your face takes care of another… different approaches to aura cleansing will support you in clearing different aspects of your energy system. Some aura clearing approaches are more lightweight–in terms of personal hygiene– like changing your clothes, or putting on deodorant. They are still useful, but they can’t replace bathing! Other methods of aura cleansing go much deeper–equivalent to having a good scrub-down, or going for a detoxifying spa treatment.

This cleansing will provide your body and spirit with a couple of powerful abilities: aura meditation, aura healings and aura readings. Not to mention that your empathic connection with your partner will be significantly improved.

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You can also use some books like Kama Sutra, for example, where you can see different forms of sexual connecting with their spiritual and physical effects.

People should change their modern mindsets and truly value sex. Sex heals and shows how we can materialize our love, clean our souls and forge even stronger bonding with those we love.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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