Spiritual Affirmations And The Power They Hold

Enjoying life and living every day like it’s your last is something that every single one of us wants. However, life is not fun, life is hard and turbulent and, often, it may result in a total disaster.

Anyway, we all struggle to find a balance between what we want and what we must. We often ask ourselves if we are able to seek spiritual enlightenment, emotional balance and strong physical health. The answer is simple, of course, we are, but we need to work hard and seek spiritual affirmation on many levels.

Our bodies, minds, and spirits are closely connected. They all need to pass through certain phases of development and we share a couple of self-affirmation phrases that will help you significantly during the progress:

Spiritual affirmation
I am more than the body that is visible to me. My essence is more than anything in this material world. And so it cannot be defined by these words.

Mental affirmation
Whatever I think about, I’ll make happen. So I will think about goodness and prosperity. And above all I will think about being happy, even when it is hard to.

Financial affirmation
I don’t have to be alarmed about my financial well being because the universe will take care of that. What I need to focus more on is my spiritual well being. I don’t exploit or abuse money so I will never lack it.

Physical affirmation
My body is pure and sacred. My nature is to be healthy. My body and my mind are pure and will remain so because I will them to be.

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Social affirmation
People are important to me. But even more important is that I be a source of love to them. They are here to reawaken my soul to faith and love. All my relationships are healthy and pure as I always want them to be.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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