Twin Flame Male Energy | The Secret Of The Divine Masculine

The twin flame concept is still inspiring thing for our writers and we will focus on one important element in this special connection- the masculine concept. We’ve heard many things about how powerful this bonding is and how is closely connected with, probably, the greatest spiritual mysteries of the universe, but still, we have a lot to discuss about the manifestation of the powerful mutual energy of the twin flames in the 3-dimensional material world.

First of all, this energy is unique and, as you already heard, may result in healing abilities, telepathic connection, strong empathy between the partners, unseen loyalty etc. However, there are interesting individual changes that happen to each of the partners (both male and female) after the (re)uniting of the two parts of the divided soul.

The divine masculine energy manifests strongly in this connection.The divine masculine has unlimited potential of love and compassion. Not only are they capable of strength and wisdom but also able to sustain these qualities. All they require is an inner balance.

Many think of the masculine as runners who are too afraid of facing their insecurities. But that is farther from the truth.

They are fighting an incredible battle of raising their vibration. Against insurmountable odds, they are cleansing the pain that was inflicted in their past. The divine masculine needs someone to balance their energy. If they are going through a rough time in their life, they need the feminines endless support and understanding.

Again, we see that the energy between the twin flames is very powerful and mutual. This energy has strong healing effects too. Using the benefits of the bonding, they are able to heal their souls and even their bodies.

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Source: SpiritualUnite

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