Uranus And Mars Transit Brings Big Changes And It’s All Starting Now

This is a crucial year for all of those who want to implement a spiritual way of life in their daily routine and seek spiritual evolution using the energy of the universe. The cosmic changes in 2018 already caused strong energy shifts on Earth and we all feel it, consciously or not.

This year, from May until September, we will witness another intense dance between two planets. Uranus and Mars will combine their powerful energies and will directly affect the energy levels of Earth.

Of course, us, humans, feel these radical changes, both physically and mentally. Uranus and Mars, anyway, bring the positive and strong energy of change and evolution, as well as action and masculine power. The mysticism of these planets and their symbolism is known since ancient time.

Mars is the symbol of power, brute energy and awakes the inner warrior in all of us. Uranus, on the other hand, represents mysticism, progress, wisdom, and evolution. The two energy combined give us revolutionary chance to use the power of our spirit and balance it with the energy of the universe.

This great combo of energies will let those who want to implement serious changes in their lives to do it without struggling to make the first step and with having full self-confidence.

Be aware that your confidence and positive high-frequency vibrations should be pointed at the right direction. First of all, try to truly define your personality and acknowledge yourself. After you accept the truth, you will be able to change and ‘reshape’ your inner and outer self in the way you want.

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Also, remember that with this energy you need to be responsible and abundant. Of course, you will have to use spiritual practices such as meditation to see the true effect of using this energy.

Source: MysticalRaven

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