10 Tips To Invite Angels Into Your Home

The Lightworkers on Earth are special beings who exist (or at least most of them) in the dimensions that are beyond the 3-dimensional reality we all live in. To understand the concept of lightworkers is not so hard, most of the popular religions see them as the closest medium to humans in their communication with God and eternity.

Angels and Archangels are definitely the most popular lightworkers among people. They are famous for their healing and protecting abilities and hold a crucial place in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religion.

If you want to attract these holy beings inside your home, first of all, you need to have a pure heart. Not everybody is able to communicate with lightworkers and there are some certain things that you have to make in preparation. This is how can you invite Angels to visit your home:

1. Learn About The Angels

Learn about them, and not just them, but all kinds of lightworkers and positive beings among us that help individuals keep positive energy and even heal their souls and bodies, protecting them from any danger. Try to understand their nature and everything connected with them.

2. Choose your Angels

You should choose your Angels. You have no limits, but it will be nice if you say some of the specific prayers for your specific angel.

3. Set Your Intention and Send Up the Request to Spirit

Try to visualize your intentions and try to send your own spiritual request to the spirit. Be not afraid, focus on doing what you truly think will represent the goodness of your family or yourself only if you live alone in your home.

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4. Crystals

Crystals are wonderful reminders to your Angels that they are welcome in your home. Angels resonate with many different crystals, such as celestite, angelite rose quartz, and selenite, these are specifically meant to welcome in those from the Angelic Realm. Place them near windows or on sills, so that Angels interested in coming in, see this as an open invitation.

5. Light and Light Reflectors

Angels represent the divine power of light. They are creatures of Divine Ligth and it would have been wonderful if you can prepare your house with nice light reflectors and sources of pure light, such as candles. Create peaceful and spiritual atmosfere.

6. Flowers, Garland and Wreaths

Angels often identify themselves through the use of flowers. Irises, pansies, gardenia, jasmine, daffodil and daisy are common flowers used by the Angelic realm as a sign of their presence. Place these flowers in and around your home and you will find the angels coming around more often.

7. Angel Figurines

This is kind of an obvious choice. This is another sign from you to provide cues to the angels that they are welcome in your home at any time. A figure of an angel in your home is a sign of reverence and those divine beings will appreciate the gesture you have put forth and want to be around you.

8. Angelica Essential Oil, Basil, Roses, Oils and Incense.

Angels will often make themselves know by floral fragrances, so it is vital to have these oils and fragrances in your home as yet another sign that your Angelic team is welcome at any time.

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9. Bells and chimes

In the sagging techniques, bells and chimes hold one of the crucial places. Their effect is simple, to secure high-frequency vibrations in all of the rooms in your home and cleanse the area of negative spirits and energy. They represent harmony, peace and order.

10. A Welcome Sign

You could use some welcoming sign such as cross, wind chimes or anything that represents your spirituality. Cover some of the windows and doors with that sign and say a little prayer while putting each on the specific position.

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