12 Signs You Are Being Followed By a Ghost

Being followed by an unknown entity is one of the biggest fears to many people. Actually, this has a lot to do with our childhoods when our parents and older people around us try to make up abnormal creatures to scare us, to make us obedient.

Because of the shock and trauma, which seems completely absurd from this point of view, make us feel enstraged and frightened from all beings that exist beyond the 3-Dimensional reality.

Be aware that there are friendly creatures called Lightworkers. These spirits help us significantly in life and protect us from evil. On the other hand, there are many bad spirits and demons too, there are also ghosts from the past and other ‘invisible’ entitites.

In this article, we share 12 signs that you are being followed by a ghost:

1. You’ve literally seen the ghost or ghosts.

This is the first sign and we had to put it on the list because it’s simply the most important. Be aware that there is a distinction between illusion and reality, but if you spot some of the other signs in combination with the first one, you can be truly assured that you saw a ghost! Some people are able to see the materialized version of the spirits.

2. You hear strange unexplainable noises frequently when you are alone.

Footsteps, cracking things, strange noises- it may all be a sign that a ghost may be present nearby. These sounds are not illusion, but others can hear them too and, also, they are unable to explain what is the true source of the weird sounds. One of the possible answers is a ghost.

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3. You have noticed strange electrical issues.

The electrical devices in your house are showing problems. Everywhere you go you spot the same or similar ‘problems’ with the electrical devices too. This may be a clear sign that your body is followed by a ghost who wants to show its presence.

4. You keep noticing peculiar shadows.

You glance in one direction but out of one eye, you can see the outline of a person clear as day. When you go to look directly at it, it vanishes. This happens far too often for it to just be some kind of random shadow.

5. Things are going missing.

If things are going missing and you know for a fact no one in your household is stealing from you a ghost could be to blame. He or she could be moving things for you to find later or simply trying to play a game. The being might want you to ask for those things back and in doing so acknowledging its existence.

6. Your pets seem to be going after things that aren’t there.

Pets are amazing radars for ghosts and other beings of that kind. Their supersensory senses are way sharper than ours, so it’s not an issue for a dog or a cat to feel the presence of a ghost.

7. You hear voices when no one is around.

This could also be a sign of a serious mental issue, but if the voices are clear and have a true meaning and purpose it could be a ghost too. Anyway, its good to see a professional if you are at this state.

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8. You have noticed specific cold spots in your home.

If you notice colds spots in your home that were not as they are now before that should tell you something. This is you sensing their energy. The colder you are the more intense their energy is.

9. None of your batteries ever seem to last.

Something is draining the batteries and it’s not you. You just bought them and put them in your clock they were working fine but your alarm didn’t go off and you woke up to find them dead and the clock not working. This will happen time and time again.

10. You seriously don’t feel alone even when you are.

This is another clear sign. Don’t you ever neglect your subconscious alarms or the gut feeling. If you feel like this, try to consolidate and balance your thoughts and emotions.

11. Sometimes you feel a strange breeze out of nowhere.

If you feel strange breezes occassionally sweeping over you it may be also a ‘ghost-sign’. Some ghost will let us know about their presence, and they like to strike with breeze all of a sudden.

12.When you take a photo you notice orbs even though there was no reason for an orb to have appeared.

They say that orbs are the best possible way to see a ghost. When we notice an orb in a perfect photo we are seeing the presence of something we normally would not be able to see. The orbs are manifestations of the paranormal beings around us.

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Source: Awarenessact

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