Esotericism 101: Important Spiritual Terms And Their Meanings

Ascension- When we raise our vibrations enough that we are able to move our consciousness from the current level to a higher one. This means that we are embracing our true nature, and close to becoming one with the source of all Universe.

Aura- Our aura is the energy field we put out. It is present on all living beings. It is unique for every individual and represents our emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual health.

Chakras- Our body has 7 Chakras, which are like centers of energy within our body. Energy flows from our spine’s base to our heads through these chakras. The term chakra is derived from Sanskrit and means Vortex.

Dimension- A dimension is an area which has a particular frequency of vibrations. We are third dimensional beings but through ascension we can access even the fifth dimensions. We cannot see or hear beings from higher dimensions.

Higher self- Our higher self allows us to access and reach the Divine. It acts as our guide and shows us the path of wisdom. It is our mental aspect of our self which is etheric in nature.

Incarnation- When a soul takes a physical body so as to be born on Earth. The time spent on Earth is one incarnation, when this is repeated again to further the soul’s growth it is called reincarnation.

Karma- In Sanskrit it means ‘to do’. As a concept it means that in whatever little action we do, we put out certain energy into the universe, positive or negative. Until we have balanced our karma, we will keep taking births. So whatever we do, we will face the consequences of the same.

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Soul- Our soul is etheric. It is the essence of who we are, spiritually. It lives on even when the body is destroyed because it is eternal. A soul comes from the creator, who has created the entire universe and is an individual expression of that greater consciousness.

Vibration- Everything in this universe is made from energy. Energy is not stationary, it is always moving and this movement is known as energy vibrations.

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