20 Signs You Are Clairsentient – A Person Who Feels Things Very Deeply

Clairsentient are those people who are able to feel the emotions on a whole new level. They feel the emotions deeper and they could discover and multiply past and present states of mind and spirit. They are different from the empaths because they are self-centered, but still, they are quite unique as well as their abilities to feel everything so intense.

Clairsentience is actually a much more common psychic gift than we realize and most of us are not even aware that we have it. Basically, it means ‘clear-feeling. When a person is clairsentient they are able to resonate with all kinds of energetic vibrations. Empaths are able to read but they are not able to really sense things of the past or of the future in the ways clairsentients are.

In this article, we share the 20 signs that might indicate you are a clairsentinent. Check it out:

1. You don’t spend your time with just anyone.

You want to wisely choose who are you spending your time with. You value your time, but also, you know how awful it is to be around toxic people and how you feel about yourself during that time.

2. You are very social within your group.

Anyway, you are not asocial and you love being around people. You want to share things and you care about your reputation. You love forging bonds with other people and being in love.

3. You understand the energies of the world.

You know how the things work in this world. You know how powerful the energy of the universe is and you respect the rules of nature.

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4. You are very wise for your age.

You are wiser than most of the people you hang out with. You see yourself more mature and more serious than rest of the people your age.

5. You are quick to get to the root of the problems others are facing.

You are usually fast when it comes to figuring out what is going on in someone else’s life. Their problems present themselves to you without words. You are able to resolve most of the things people come to you with and the things they don’t.

6. You always knew that you were different growing up.

When you were younger you felt as if you stood out like a sore thumb. You were different and are different. Other people just don’t understand you.

7. You are sensitive to your own emotions.

You are very sensitive. Your emotions are far more intense than the emotions of others. But you refuse to ever bottle them up.

8. You know the true intentions of others.

You are able to read people. When someone intends to do harm it shows. You pick up on their negativity quickly.

9. When the truth is brought to light it gives you a chill.

When everything is finally said and done it is as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. You are very resolution oriented. The chills you are feeling are normal, don’t worry.

10. As a child people considered you to be too sensitive.

People cared too much around you when you was a child. On the other hand, you were not afraid to show your huge emotional side and let the emotion burst out from time to time. Because of that, you were considered to be a ‘sensitive child’.

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11. You form impressions of those you meet instantly.

You quickly develop an opinion about the people you meet. You trust your gut and yu always follow your protective instincts.

12. You know things without being told.

Often, you have a strong intuition and incredible insight. You know things without being told, or before they even happen.

13. Negative people or energies make you feel nauseous.

This is why you keep way from toxic people. You can’t stand toxicity, hatred and jelaousy, especially against you.

14. When you are using your gift you feel a tingling in your crown chakra.

Whenever you use your emotional gifts, you feel the intense energy within your crown chakra.

15. When something bad happens you react strongly.

You have intense emotions and take radical actions whenever something bad happens. You want to fix the things immediately and you fully invest yourself when you want to make up for something.

16. You are able to see all sides of things instead of just one.

You are much more open-minded than most people. You can see things in ways most can’t. There is no bias in you.

17. You know you were meant to help people.

Despite everything and all, you know that you are determined for a higher purpose. You want to help people and you respect others who make sacrifices for the greater good.

18. You sometimes feel energies following you around.

You feel the energies that are following behind you. These energies attach themselves to you and you have to clear yourself of them from time to time. They are always present and not avoidable.

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19. Emotional movies always leave you in tears.

This is just another proof how emotional you can get. Often, you insist on watching movies or going to the theater alone because you can’t control your emotions.

20. You tend to feel quite drained.

Most of the time you feel drained. This is quite unpleasant, but you’re dealing with more than rest of the people. Emotions are heavy and they drain us physically too.

Source: Awarenessact

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