A Galactic Tidal Wave of Divine Light is Raising the Frequency of Earth, Ending the Old Reality

We talked a lot recently about the huge radical energy shifts that are supposed to hit and they are, in fact, already hitting our planet and affect every single human being in this planet. On the other hand, though, most of us live lives trapped inside the matrix of ignorance, consumerism, materialism and jealousy.

We don’t really care about the future of the planet, nor we want to materialize the significance of the spiritual characteristics of each human being. However, the strong changes in the energy levels will be very strong and all electromagnetic fields on Earth will shift too.

This could open the gates of spiritual ascension to many. Be aware that some of us may have a real chance to seek spiritual enlightenment or deep self-acknowledgment after the strong energy shifts.

This journey to ascension can be difficult to navigate, bringing with it a number of different symptoms including:

A need for alone time and for personal space
A heightened sense of smell
A deep longing to go ‘home’ without knowing where ‘home’ is
Increased feelings of static electricity in the body
A distorted sense of time, feeling as though it is slowing down or speeding up
Sinus and allergy issues
Unexplained body aches, pains, tension and soreness
Intense, detailed dreams that may be prophetic, or may be ‘odd’ or bizarre in nature
Sudden, unexplained changes in body temperature
Changes in both vision and perception
Increased psychic awareness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuition
Clumsiness and lack of coordination
A deep intuition or sense that something is wrong or changing
Cold or flu-like symptoms that come and go suddenly
Issues involving the stomach or digestive tracts such as IBS or unexplained nausea
Changes in diet, appetite and eating habits
Sudden development of allergies and intolerances to certain foods
Sensitivity to sound
Frequent headaches and/or feelings of pressure in the head
Changes in sleep patterns or feelings of extreme fatigue
Increase in daydreaming and fantasizing

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This process of re-calibrating our body is not only a surface shift, but one that reaches right down to our DNA – reforming and redefining every part of our very being. This process may sound alarming, but rest assured that it will bring great benefits.


Source: Awarenessact

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