The Sun, Stars Or The Moon? Choose One To Reveal Unresolved Karma From A Past Life

In the world of spirituality, we have many challenges ahead and so many questions unanswered. Anyway, we have great pearls of wisdom that may give us a good lead and help us acknowledge ourselves better and the whole world around us.

The concept of Karma is one of the most popular and strong religious, spiritual and even social principles in the world. Our karma is always strong and we have to take care about many things, to put everything in order in our material and spiritual world if we want to change it.

It is quite possible that you are working through karma from another lifetime that your soul chose to heal and complete in this lifetime.

Once we have insight as to what the karmic theme is, we are able to understand why we are experiencing some of the difficulties that have been a theme throughout our lives.There are several general themes that people are here to work through such as; trust, self-worth, poverty, health, spiritual beliefs and healthy relationships just to name a few.

Select the one that You Resonate With To Find Out What Your Unresolved Karmic Theme Is

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Many people are followed by awful karma from their past lives and past relationships. You need to understand that the interhuman bondings are extremely strong and have true meaning. If the relationship got toxic at some point and the vibrations went from high to extremely low, you need to detach yourself from such unbalanced bonding that always ends with suffering and pain.

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Learn how to identify the ‘red’ flags and cut it off. Some relationships need to end fast before causing emotional and even material disaster.


This is one of the worst karmas possible. You feel that something from the inside is holding you bakc, taking away your initiative and willpower. This may be the negative energy from the bad past life karma. You may face serious financial and professional issues, even if you work hard and try to invest your maximum effort. This happens because you took many leaps of faith in the past and put other people at serious risk. Now it’ time to pay the price.


In a previous lifetime, you were the victim of deception and dishonesty many times over. The deception has caused you to be guarded and at times confused with what to trust with whom and because of that confusion, you may have placed your faith in others who have betrayed you.

In this life, you have the chance to attract people, to socialize more, to forge strong bondings and open your social horizons. Be aware that connecting with someone else, someone with strong positive energy and good karma could help you ‘clean’ your soul.

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