555 Activation Code -5 Ways We Are Upgrading & Healing

The 555 activation is just a spontaneous step forward towards spiritual enlightenment and more important- self-acknowledgment. To be a ‘higher being’ today, means being spiritual person, a person that values the material reality, of course, but also, knows the spiritual nature of our universe and the complicity of the human soul.

Our minds and bodies are constantly evoluting. If we are aware of the evolution and modulize our spirits to follow the progress, we can say that we know who we really are. If we accept ourselves as we truly are, then we will be able to change ourselves.

555 activation is understanding and accepting the basic rules of our minds, bodies and spirits:

1. Our minds are expanding beyond its limit.

Our minds are unlimited, our thoughts are faster than the speed of light and our ideas create whole new dimensions, worlds and realities. We gain knowledge and start understanding. Putting aside our views, we accept people and things the way they are. The throat and crown chakra helps us expand our mind power. By going beyond these limits we conquer truth.

2. Our bodies thrive to look younger and seek a healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies tend to be extremely adaptable, but most of all, they have self-protecting systems that make our organs ask for a healthy lifestyle. Not all of us are able to keep it that way. The physical pleasures in life are sometimes irresistible. Those who are able to find balance and keep their bodies young and healthy will certainly keep their spirits strong too.

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3. Our heart opens up to many other emotions too.

We must not neglect, pressure or hide our emotions. If emotions approach, we need to identify them and accept them. Be aware that in life we can experience many spiritual shifts and many weird and even unwanted emotions. That’s all part of growing and evolving as a person.

4. We upgrade spiritually too.

The so-called “third eye” is trigged. It clears and aligns our mind. Hence, we are able to connect to our higher self. Our intuition becomes strong and loud, guiding and assisting us through all our problems. We feel the existence of a world other than ours that might exist in an entirely different dimension.

5. We transform into a resolved being.

We tend to connect our inside and outside reality. Our mind is constantly trying to find a balance between these two ‘concepts’, not to mention everything that lies beyond the 3-Dimensional reality and our inner-selves. We are also balanced to go up and down, to become authenticate and unique, to defend our originality and dignity, to create and reshape the world we live in.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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