Why Twin Flames Meet Later In Life After Marriage

This certainly is one of the most controversial and disputed topics about twin flames. The nature of this cosmic connection is still mysterious to most of us, at least the purpose and the source, but still, it is a pure display of the purest bonding possible.

The soul that unites and reunites over and over again also has flaws, especially when it is divided into two parts. Have you ever wondered why in many cases twin flames meet later in life, even after marriage?

Well, there is an interesting reason behind it, which doesn’t make the bonding less special and magical. In fact, twin flames are prolonging their relationships with the ‘wrong ones’ just because they are struggling with bad karma.

Being in an unhealthy relationship, for some reason, twin flames subconsciously find it as a good way to leave their luggage behind. It sounds cruel, but it’s clearly unintentional. In fact, twin flames realize they are part of the special bonding after they reunite with their better part.

By accepting, committing to and prolonging relationships with non-TFs, twin flames are actually fostering and deepening the error instead of fixing it! It’s like trying to uncork a bottle in the reverse direction and making the lid tighter and making it more difficult to open…while it would have been so easy to open the bottle, if only they turned the lid in the right direction.

Accept the fact that twinflames are able to connect with other people too. In a certain reality or a lifetime, it is not 100% guaranteed that the TFs are going to reunite.

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Anyway, if you are in a relationship, even if you are married, try to reconsolidate yourself and ask yourself are you happy? If you are not, you need to find out what is the true reason that keeps you into the unhappy relationship and solve the issue. Maybe you’re the one looking for the missing twin flame…

Source: SoulTravelRules

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