15 Ways The Girl With The Big Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently

Being with a sarcastic girlfriend is certainly a curse, but a sweet blessing too. The main thing that decides this relationship is if the girl is goodhearted or not. Be aware that some extremely cynical and sarcastic people have the softest hearts in the world.

Cynicism is, with certainty, a negative way of behaving. On the other hand, it is a clear sign of intelligence and verbal agility. However, most of us will never mutually agree if cynism is good or bad. Some people love it, some others hate it.

In this article, we share the signs of a girlfriend with a big heart and soft soul. Check it out:

1. She has no filter

In their group of friends, but in front of others too- she is not afraid to tell what she thinks about someone. She tells everything straight in the face, but she is always dignified and honors justice and equality.

2 She doesn’t like to be vulnerable.

She is, consciously or not, aware of her big heat and she will always doubt people, being afraid not to be played out or used. Be good to her and show her your soul.

3 Opening up is hard for her.

Now, this comes right after the second- it will be a big struggle for you to open up in front of her and the other way around. You will have to struggle with sarcasm and doubts, but in the end, you will greatly enjoy the benefit.

4 At times, she may seem indifferent.

But she’s just really good at putting up a front.

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5 Underneath her hard exterior, she’s mush.

Even though she projects an image of steel nails, she’s actually made up of something surprisingly soft. Her outward appearance doesn’t represent her true character.

6 She’s the best listener.

Big-hearted girls love lending a listening ear.

7 She doesn’t half-a** anything.

She’s either into you, or she’s not—she won’t waste her time if she isn’t sure about you.

8 Her sense of humor is an important part of who she is.

She makes crude jokes and boasts a raw sense of humor—and she wins everyone over because of it.

9 She’ll appreciate the little things you do.

Even though she’ll make fun of you for a being a little cheesy, she’ll still appreciate small, romantic gestures, like opening the door for her or kissing her on the forehead.

10 She loves thoughtful gifts.

To her, a price tag says nothing about the quality of a gift. It’s the thought and effort that makes her smile.

11 Secretly, she’s a hopeless romantic.

The depth of her heart is never-ending, so she has tons of love to give.

12 She might not be able to say “I love you” first.

Always have on mind that she is a cynical person and her sarcastic concepts won’t let her break the ice first. Anyway, you show her that you are encouraged enough by your emotions to say these important words.

13. She’s an overthinker.

This also is a sign of intelligence, but it’s often to hard to manage people who overthink everything. Try to have patience and to help her make decisions.

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14 She’s a little rough around the edges

In the end, she is a GIRL. Girls are delicate and complexed, you need a lot of nerve to keep calm and fully rational.

15 She’s equal parts bad*ass and sensitive.

This is just another reason not to let her go. Sometimes, these beautiful mixes are the most unique and special things that walk on Earth.

Source: MysticalRaven

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