Discover Your Soul Symbol According to Your Birth Month

The existence of the human soul is something that we are all aware of, but it’s mysteries and secrets remain unrevealed, or at least most of them. The symbolism and coherence of meanings of everything and all on this planet describe the true nature of the creationist’s energy of the universe.

The mimesis and syncretism of our spirits and the material reality is closely attached to other symbols of mighty creatures that define ourselves in nature, or at least our individual and unique spirits.

Discover Your Soul Symbol According to Your Birth Month:

January – Dragon

The dragon symbolizes the firstborn of the year and those who are exemplars of the masses. You are a person that is a natural born leader with stron energy and power to face any obstacle. You are hardworking, determined and stubborn- nothing can hold you back from your goals. However, you need to learn how to control your temper and find the wisdom of the huge, powerful, frightening, but wise and tranquil dragon.

February – Phoenix

You possess sensitivity, at least more than those who are born before you and you have a perfect insight. However, you struggle to accept humanity as it is, and even to accept yourself as you truly are. You fall easily in the darkness of your soul, but your positive spirit, charismatic soul and pure heart give you the strength to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Be always that way, but learn how to fight for yourself and accept the reality.

March – Yin-Yang

You are fascinated by the concept of balance. You want order in all things and you want others to behave just like you- you value fairness, honor and commitment. However, you lose yourself in the pool of hypocrisy, selfishness and evilness. Try not to be emotional that much because toxic people are all around us and they rule the world. Grow stronger and be happy with who you are and, of course, try to stay that why forever.

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April – Lion

Those who are born in this month have close connection with the spirits of all beings who are fierce, outrageous, dominant, bold and undisputed. You want to be in the spotlight and you want your word to be the last. The same happens with life challenges, you will fight as hard as you can to dominate them too. This makes you stable and succesful in life, but you need to show more respect and empathy for others. Try to find the softest side of your soul and let it control your mind and body. Sometimes you want to pretend or even believe that you are a compassionate being, but you need to nurture more that side of yours.

May – Wolf

Your determination in life is to grow stronger, bigger and more powerful, but all in order to help the pack. You are extremely loyal and that’s what you value in people. On the other hand, you love to be alone and you value individuality and uniqueness too. You have your own methods and ways, you use intelligence and physical force, but you are successful and fulfilled with how great you are in getting things done. However, your solitude is your drug and because of that many people around you feel hurt and neglected. Try to make them understand your nature, you do all for the people you love, but still, you need to spend more of your time with those who mean the world to you.

June – Fish

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Unlike the months that came before you, life for those born in the month of June is all about fun and freedom. If you could, you would live a life of zero responsibility, just following your heart wherever it may lead you. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic so you will have to remind yourself at times to focus on the task at hand. Your greatest strengths are your instincts, so don’t ignore them.

July – Fire

There is nothing that drives and motivates you more than the passion that burns deep within you, whether you are considering your hobbies, your career or the relationships in your life. When you decide that something is important to you, then you will stop at nothing to put it first, however, you need to be aware that this can cross the line into an obsession if you don’t keep it in check.

August – Horse

You were born to run free, with the wind in your hair much like a horse running wild through the fields and pastures. Your love for freedom has created an appetite for adventure, always looking for something new and exciting to try. Despite all this, you still possess an incredible work ethic, understanding there is a time for work and a time for play. This will bring you great success if you trust yourself.

September – Flower

You possess a beautiful and innocent soul, one that brings joy and happiness to everyone who meets you. Much like a flower growing in the wild, your very presence can bring beauty to the world around you, reminding others to slow down and enjoy the life that they have been given. You radiate a warmth, calm and peace in all that you do.

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October – Star

The star is a symbol for those born in October. This is for all of those who want to drain success from their very own experience, for those who want the fine things in life and want to become a ‘fine thing’ in the eyes of others. You are not afraid to chase your goals and dreams, but you often forget to take self-care in the process. Don’t forget who you are on the inside, in the first place, and remember that you are doing all for yourself, not for the others. Keep in touch with those who you truly love and keep positive energy and inspiration from the positive people around you.

November – Tree

People born in November are like trees- their strong roots and trunk provide support for the branches. You are the one who is supposed to take care of everybody and you actually love it. You want to trace the way of others to fulfillment and happiness, you have empathic abilities and you see the bigger picture. However, don’t forget that you have your own issues and your own struggles. Be aware that your individual purpose may not be a thing of social nature and your own success is something that you truly deserve.

December – Water

You have this symbol because you are like water. You are fluid and changing individual that has strong abilities for adaptation and you know how to protect yourself from all negative influence from the outside. Anyway, when a huge storm arises in your life, you tend to close yourself in the shell and use the ignorance instrumentally. Those are the moments when you have to be fluid and adaptable, to fight and to show your strength.

Source: Awarenessact

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