If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You Are An Extreme Sensitive…

Being an empath means being a Lightworker with a special purpose on Earth. However, some of us are not empaths, but they are still extremely sensitive. Sensitiveness is a specification of our personality, representation of the divine energy living inside of us and, of course, a big advantage in the social relations, but in the same time an unpleasant flaw.

Some of you will definitely agree that sensitive people are very special and it’s refreshing to be around someone who actually feels something and its full of compassion and understanding, but on the other hand, sensitive people could cause unpleasant situations, be hard to manage and get on with from time to time etc.

Anyway, in this article we share the 5 signs that you are extremely sensitive person:

1. You find yourself overwhelmed at times.

This awful exhaustion is the result of a constant struggle with emotions, mostly from the people of the outside world. You can feel the pain and ignorance of others, the world is a scary and unfair place, so you can’t remain ignorant like most of the people.

2. You call it like it is.

Your sensitivity allows you to be attuned to the details and hard truths of reality, and whether it’s the behavior of a friend or some small injustice that may go unnoticed by others, you aren’t afraid to bring it to the forefront of attention.You’re in touch with the feelings of others, as most sensitive people are, but you don’t sugarcoat or gloss over things that need to be addressed.

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3. You’re only interested in real romantic connections.

You hate the one nights stands and the meaningless temporary relationships. You value the interhuman connections and you are not afraid to show that you really care about the true meaning of love and connection. On the other hand, sometimes you expect too much from others, so maybe you need to find balance. Like we said, the modern world is an absurd place, so you would have to make compromises.

4. You have standards for yourself and others.

You follow principle of rules, but you are true to yourself and others too. You want justice and fairness, so you won’t hesitate to stand up for yourself or for someone else when in trouble or conflict. You don’t want cynical and sarcastic people, nor senseless egoists.

5. You are an excellent listener.

You have the natural ability to pay attention and connect with your conversation partner on so many levels, including the emotional. You care and want to listen what others have to say and you are probably the best listener in your social circles.


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