If Your Man Does Some Of These 10 Things, You Have Hit the Marriage Jackpot

Being married means becoming part of something bigger, means redefining who you are and evolving in something bigger, stronger, in something eternal that is supposed to leave mark from your existence on this planet.

However, this strong bonding between the partners happens when there is a true love in marriage. This article is for all men to learn some interesting ‘tricks’ and take some nice pieces of advice to make their wifes truly happy, but also, if you are a woman and read this article- you’ve certainly hit the jackpot if your hubby does these 10 things, or at least some of them.

Be aware that women are different, they are more sensitive and they are obsessed with the essence of things, not just the form. They want to go deep in all things, especially when it comes to emotions and connections between people.

He says ‘I love you’ often.

Women love to be admired, respected and loved. They want to feel it, see it and heard it too. Those husbands who are not afraid to spice their everyday life with a little romance and remember their wives of the strength of their love make their wifes very happy. That is a consistency represented by a small sweet gesture that means a lot.

He always keeps open lines of communication.

The way you communicate with your partner is crucial in every marriage. This is a very important component that needs to be taken care of. Women love open and emotional men who are not afraid to show their weaknesses and fight together to solve the problems. Active listening and attention are very important.

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He flirts with you like he did when you first met.

This is a truly beautiful thing that is needed in every marriage. Recalling to those times when it all began is so sweet and inflames some old emotions that often could save the marriage from divorce. This is a very serious advice, we live in a hard materialistic and consumeristic times with very hard and dynamic lifestyle. Those who are able to bring back the old memories and spread positive energy when it’s hardest are more sucessful in their marriages.

He lifts your spirits and comforts you when you’re down.

He just knows how to make you smile, even when you’re blue. First of all, you need to see if he really cares- this is a good example of interest and effort to make you happier. If your partner does this every time you’re sad means that he is empathic. If he has a good sense of humor, then it is a huge bonus. People that laugh more often are healthier and live longer.

He’s willing to teach you what he knows (and be taught by you).

This is another important component of the relationship. You need to know each other the best possible way and you also need to be aware of your skills and knowledge.If he can’t teach you something without frustration or anger, then your children will probably experience a similar kind of ‘teaching’. Men who have patience and sense for teaching will also make great parents.

He admits when he’s wrong.

More often than not, it seems that many relationships begin to crumble over a myriad of petty things. Things that, in the greater scheme of things, do not matter. That said, the habits of husbands and wives can grate away and become larger than they should. If you know what we’re talking about, it’s these moments where your husband admits he’s wrong.

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He encourages you to pursue your goals.

He will always stand by your side and give you confidence when you are low. Words of affirmation are needed and they are a strong booster when they are true, when they come from someone who fully believes in those words and loves you with the whole heart. Your husband’s support could be crucial in making the biggest steps towards making your dreams come true, both in private and professional life.

He loves his family, especially mom.

It sounds cliché, but having someone who puts family first – before work, before his friends, before his favorite television program – is so important. Some people say if you want to know how a husband will love his wife and kids, see how he interacts with his own family. Especially mom. If that respect is visible, chances are your husband treats you with the same love. And that’s pretty darn special.

He makes you want to be a better person.

Now, no husband is perfect. Nor should you expect them to be. But you each have every right to hold each other to a higher standard, not only for the success of your own marriage but that family, friends, and strangers might follow your love-centered example. If your husband is someone you can look to for inspiration, encouragement, confidence, and support, hold onto him.

He’s a hard worker

His work ethics inspire you and make you want to even compete, in the positive way, of course. He inspires you to contribute more to the family and shows you the value of labor and creation. This gives all women a sense of existential stability and safety.

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