Is Ascension Happening For Real? The Role Of The Lightworker

Being a lightworker means being among those who have been chosen to protect humanity and help all people find their emotional and spiritual balance on Earth. Lightworkers could be divine beings of any kind, but also, they can have a human form too and even humans can be lightworkers.

The spiritual ascension is definitely one of the biggest signs and a clear symptom of being a lightworker and in this article, we will explain why and how these two things are so closely connected.

First of all, you have to know the true nature of the lightworker. This concept is part of the human spirituality and religion since ancient times. Recently, we wrote an interesting article about the connection of the Bible, the Book of Revelation and the lightworkers who are supposed to save humanity in the last days. In this part of the Bible, it is referred strictly to human lightworkers, the 144.000 chosen people.

On the other hand, divine lightworkers like Angels and Archangles are also a nice exemplar of what lightworker is. However, it is not easy to know if you are a lightworker of if you are going to become one.

The spiritual ascension and enlightenment are a clear sign. When you become a lightworker you completely change the way you are, the way you feel the things and the way you see the world.

You need to open your heart fully and shift into your new ‘form’ with your heart fully open. You will feel the whole pain and the unsustainable negativity among humans, but you will also feel the power and strength of the divine energy of the universe and the Creator of all.

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Then, you will find your own purpose, you will truly acknowledge yourself, you you really are and who you were in your past life. Your purpose will help you determine your mission and fight for it in the rest of your life.

Lightworkers also change their habits, their life patterns are changed completely and they have a different sense of the reality around them, but for the people too. Strong empathic abilities are common for all lightworkers.

The changes in the habits and the patterns of living will be radical, but they won’t make you look or feel any different. Actually, if you are a lightworker you will feel even more comfortable in your own skin before, but you will have a burden on your shoulders and you need to be fully committed.

Lightworkers and their ascension may also be a result of a good karma and a cosmic reward. It is hard to determine the reasons, but most of the lightworkers have their mission and ascension determined even before they are born.


Source: Gostica

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