How Twin Flames Align With Each Other

The twin flame unity is an interesting concept that takes one of the central places in the spheres of interest in the modern world of spirituality. This world and the whole universe have mystic ways, rules and patterns, however, we still try to find out what the truth is and use the benefit of the knowledge.

The holy unity of the twin flame connection is always an interesting topic. The alignment of the twin flames is something very powerful, something beyond the material and the emotional reality of the average human.

This connection is romantic, unlike the soulmate connection. In this article, we will explain the true nature of this connection and how it works, at least according to what we know at this point.

The divine familiarity and the first meeting between the twin flames is the most powerful event that happens in their lives and the most powerful emotion. To understand this connection better, be aware that this is not the love on the first sight, but it’s REUNITING.

The twin flame souls are reuniting over and over again during many lifetimes in this and many other realities, dimensions and levels of existence, all throughout the universe. At the beginning of time, they were a united soul, but their existence have a purpose and the bonding is so strong that the two parts reunite or just meet over and over again in their different forms of existence.

When they meet for the very first time truly is a cosmic event, at least for the two twin flames. They feel a strong cocktail of intense emotions and this is the true love on first sight.

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They also say, there is an instant love between the twin flames. This is an interesting way of seeing things, but it must be connected with the divine familiarity. The bonding is so strong that both partners feel like they know each other for their whole lives, or even from a previous life.

After the reuniting is finish, the bonding starts to show how powerful it is. Telepathy is one of the common effects of this superstrong connection. Twin flames have an extremely strong empathic bonding that manifests in different ways. They know when their partner is sick and they are certain when their partner is unhappy, depressed, stressed etc.

The biggest benefit is the spiritual connection and the divine energy all around them that gives a strong boost for all meditation and even healing purposes. Believe it or not, twin flames are able to heal each other and through meditation, they are able to seek spiritual enlightenment and open their third eye.

Of course, many others are able to do it too, but the energy of the twin flames and their cosmic insight is way stronger than most of the people.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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