8 Synchronistic Signs That You’re Reconnecting With Your Twin Flame

The twin flame bonding is mostly defined by the powerful reconnecting of the two flames and its energetic manifestation that is often called ‘love on first sight’. However, there is more to this concept and many things that describe this special bonding.

Synchronicity and twin flames, on the other hand, are something that goes in a package. The power of universe with it’s mystic ways and rules shows its complicated and playful nature through this masterpiece of soul connecting.

If you think that the universe has something huge in store with you, if you know that you have another part of your soul wandering around the world or if you think you have just found it, this article will definitely help you.

These are the 8 synchronistic signs that you are reconnecting with your twin flame:

1. The moment of strong reconnecting of the flames.

This is the love at first sight. If you meet your partner in special circumstances and if that first meeting was the most powerful thing you’ve ever felt- this might be a clear sign of meeting your twin flame.

2. You feel a strong connection with this person.

You feel that the connection with this person is above anything you’ve ever felt or did with someone. You are connected on all levels and you know deep inside your heart that you slowly become one. You are like yin-yang, you finish each other’s sentences, you’re very pragmatical together etc.

3. You can speak to one another without words.

You can talk to each other without having to say anything at all. You both can speak to one another through looks alone. Eye contact is everything.

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4. There is some kind of magnetic attraction between the two of you.

You are magnetically drawn to one another. You energies keep pulling you back in and there is no escaping it. This connection is one both parties are feeling without a doubt.

5. You can feel each other’s feelings.

You are able to feel one another’s emotions. Sometimes you might feel down and out for no reason but there is a reason. The more strong this connection becomes the more in tune with one another you will both be.

6. You notice the number 11 a lot.

Technically the number 11 is the number of twin flames. If you are seeing this number a lot it is a sign. The universe is trying to tell you something.

7. You can manifest your most authentic self with this person.

You are not afraid to be who you really are. All of us have flaws, but in front of this person, you feel flawless, always understood and accepted.

8. You are both growing on a personal level.

You notice that both of you slowly grow on a personal level. You see that you become better as people and more mature. On the other hand, your relationship grows too and you feel that each new experience, good or bad, makes you stronger, smarter and better connected.

Source: Awarenessact

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