Are You Ready For The Full Moon Tonight? Astrologists Warn to Expect the Unexpected

Finally, the important day is here, the new full moon is approaching and we will face serious changes in energy shifts this year. The full moon is always a powerful time, however, this year is very special, a year of drastic and radical changes that are going to affect every individual.

The energy all around us is strong and gives us the sense of who we are, who are the others around us and what the world really is. Our own energy, on the other hand, defines our personality, the way of life, behavior, dreams etc.

This year is determined by changes in all energy levels, which means people and things will change for sure. This full moon, on the other hand, brings a positive hit of high-frequency vibration that may have healing and relieving effects on humans.

Of course, when this kind of energy shift happens, some of us may find themselves struggling with emotional disbalance, have changes in the sleeping patterns, heightened emotions etc. Some others may face mood swings or some disturbances with the balance between their consciousness and superego.

In our recent articles on this topic, we explained many concepts connected with this full moon and the spiritual practices connected with this cosmic event.

Be aware that this full moon will give you the strength to let the things go of and detach from the past. As we said, this year is a year of new beginnings, so each new full moon this year gives us the perfect opportunity to drain emotional strength to detach from the things that make us weak, but are completely unnecessary in our lives. Be also aware that these ‘things’ may appear in the form of old memories, for example. Be not afraid or ashamed to confront these old memories, thoughts and emotions.

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This process of detachment and acceptance will let you acknowledge yourself better and, of course, you will be given the opportunity to truly change yourself.

It is said that when the full moon is in Sagittarius, all zodiac signs are going to get a taste of the Sagittarius way of life. For some, this is exciting, embracing the impulsive and adventurous energies that this will trigger. They will follow their hearts, enjoying the true freedom and allowing it to bring a new element of change and excitement to their lives. For others, however, his is a frightening experience that will put them out of their well planned and organized lifestyles.

What’s most important about this energy is to accept it and to ‘drive’ it. Fighting this energy and confronting the useful process of change and progress will definitely have a negative impact on your personality and your development in future.

Source: Awarenessact

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