The Hardest Love To Let Go Of Is The One That Was Never Actually Ours

The interhuman connections are always special, especially to those who work and research the concepts of spirituality and the new age teachings.

However, some questions remain unanswered and when it comes to humans and our emotional profiles, well… If you can count all the stars in the universe, you can count all different profiles of people, with all of their different behavioral patterns, the way of expression, communication and bonding.

That’s right- in this article, we remain focused on the bondings and romantic relationships between humans. The question is: Which is the hardest love to let go of?

We will give you the answer straight: THE ‘WHAT IF’ LOVE?

The hardest relationships to get over will always be the ones that don’t meet the definition of what a real relationship actually was but everything felt the same.

To sit here and tell anyone what they felt wasn’t justified or acceptable just because it didn’t turn out how they hoped it would, would be like telling every person who has ever been dumped they aren’t allowed to be sad about it.

On the other hand, many people are certain that they will give another chance to this relationship despite the negative beginning. However, the REAL relationships will let you heal your soul, for sure.

The UNFINISHED relationship doesn’t go away easily. You could really suffer and have unpleasant moments in your life, but on the other hand, there always is a chance to get back to that person, revitalize the bonding and restore the relationship. If the bonding is strong enough, the old emotions will surface again in no time.

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Source: Themindsjournal

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