Uranus and Mars Are Going to Bring an Intense Energy Shift Until September

The dance between Uranus and Mars has already begun! These two planets form a fantastic duo of outbursting energy that will affect our planet too, according to the astrologists and their claims about this year’s radical energy shifts.

These two planets, their retrogrades and energy shifts, as well as their unique energy and it’s manifestation speak volume about what is actually happening all around the universe in 2018. Mars is the symbol of power, brute energy and awakes the inner warrior in all of us. Uranus, on the other hand, represents mysticism, progress, wisdom, and evolution. The two energy combined give us revolutionary chance to use the power of our spirit and balance it with the energy of the universe.

This great combo of energies will let those who want to implement serious changes in their lives to do it without struggling to make the first step and with having full self-confidence.

Be aware that your confidence and positive high-frequency vibrations should be pointed at the right direction. First of all, try to truly define your personality and acknowledge yourself. After you accept the truth, you will be able to change and ‘reshape’ your inner and outer self in the way you want.

However, you must be always careful. You have to remain abundant and responsible, both in front of your self, but in front of others too. Use the positive vibration to break the shell and show the whole world that you are a shining pearl.

Uranus and Mars are active together from May 16-September 18, 2018 with the most significant dates being:

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May 16
August 1
September 16

Source: Gostica

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