9 Signs That Show You Are Connected To Your Highest Spiritual Self

Being spiritually enlightened is something that requires a lot of hard ‘labor’, determination, dedication, faith and energy. Those who exist on a higher level of conscious and found their own spiritual purpose are not just born like that.

There are certain phases and processes that are supposed to bring one person to becoming self-aware and spiritually enlightened. These are hard processes that truly require determination. Try to start with some basic spiritual practices such as meditation.

And we are telling you this not to convince you that you are going to succeed, but we are telling you with certainty that you will be able to spot the early signs of spiritual enlightenment. If you work hard enough and have faith, you will walk the road until the very end.

These are the 9 early signs that you start living as a being on a higher level of existence:

1. You feel you are connected to The Universe and all of creation.

The feeling of oneness is the ultimate sign of spiritual growth. Well, you become aware of the ‘creationist’ energy and you feel that everything in this universe is connected. Without special teachings, you start to fully acknowledge the concept of micro-macro cosmos and the relations in between.

2. You embrace change willfully.

You start valuing the power of change and growth. You feel that you slowly move towards your own personal progress and you want to expand more as a person. You want to suck all of the wisdom around you and your thoughts become unnaturaly pragmatic, rational and fast.

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3. You realize that your ego is only made up by your mind.

Pride is the first sin according to the Bible. If we learn the secrets of the ultimate wisdom of Christianity, we will see that it’s not that hard to make a hermeneutic analysis of this strong message- ego is the root of all sins and evil. You truly start to understand the meaning of this and that’s how you develop your new personality- fully detached from your ego.

4. You honor your body as part of your spiritual self.

You know how closely connected the body and the spirit are. You will try to find the perfect balance and help yourself discover the sources of your energy, so you will become master of your choices, decisions, and reactions. You will learn to fully control your body and mind in the perfect harmony.

5. You live in the here and now.

Unlike the way you used to, now you’re able to live in present moment. You are in the here and now, not thinking about the past ‘could have beens’ or the future ‘what ifs’.Instead, you are living in the now because you understand that there is nothing more real as the present moment.You can’t project onto others the things you’re not at peace with within yourself if you are living in the present moment. All you can do is be.You can’t monsterize fear, or project monsters and hypothetical scenarios upon reality, that mask your real emotions and help your ego stop you from facing them.It’s only in staying at this present moment that you are much able to be open to the truth that is continually unfolding before you.

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6. You feel the spirit of everything.

Physics believe that everything is composed of energy. In the spiritual context, this energy is the consciousness that keeps you united with everything around you.Love is what entangles everything and everyone beyond space and time. When people are in disconnection with this truth, it’s when people start hurting each other.This disconnection is triggered by the illusion of separation, fear and ego. You have seen that the more someone is disconnected from the consciousness we all share, the more they unconsciously hurt others, even though they might see themselves as highly spiritual.

7. You understand that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

You understand that you have a limited mind that can’t contain everything about The Universe. How you perceive reality is just one way from an infinite number of ways you can perceive it.You’re aware that even if you master one thing, and know everything about this specific thing, there are countless other subjects your mind hasn’t even scratched. And if you start to master something else your mind will just forget about the other thing to make space.

8. You discern that pain and joy are two sides of the same coin.

You don’t see duality as a term or a concept anymore, but your own reality. You see how the divided energy functions and flows everywhere and the invisible connections of everything and all. Sometimes is really hard to determine or isolate something, label it as positive or negative. Pain and joy are also connected in a vicious circle.

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9. You perceive that we are all love.

You start to value the power of love and love becomes the imperative of your life. You feel the strongest emotion all around you and you want to prove to everybody else that love is the answer to all of the serious issues affecting modern humanity. You become more open-minded and you spread your horizons. Love becomes your leading star that reshapes the way you act and connect with people. Also, your empathic abilities significantly grow.

Source: LifeCoachCode

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