Ranked: The Most Conscious & Self-Aware Signs Of The Zodiac

Being conscious is a true paradox, according to me. What is consciousness? Is it the perfect balance between the Id-Ego-Superego, is it the perfect insight of all things or it is some kind of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment?

The answer is probably the mix of all of these things and more. It is hard to fully describe or even confirm self-consciousness, knowing that there is a reality beyond and above the 3-dimensional reality. The spiritual energy plays a huge role in our ‘consciousness’, on the other hand, the social factors and the modern teachings also significantly affect the way we see and feel the world around us.

However, we can conclude that self-awareness manifests on so many levels and may also take different forms. For example, social self-awareness provides us with great defense against manipulative people or unpleasant and difficult social encounters.

Those who are self-aware and those who acknowledge themselves are very successful and have many shortcuts to happiness. Anyway, this sounds like an easy job. Acknowledging oneself and being self-conscious and aware, even if only in the 3-dimensional reality, it’s still a hard and complicated ‘task’.

Becoming self aware may be a spontaneous process that happens subconsciously during a long period of time (getting mature) or it could be a divine moment of spiritual enlightenment, caused by previous actions where you fully invested yourself, both intellectually and spiritually.

In this article, we rank the zodiac signs according to their self-awareness and abilities to seek spiritual enlightenment and exist on a higher level of consciousness:

12. Gemini: Way Too Many Personalities To Be Self-Aware

All Gemini are incredibly well accepted in social circles and they are loved by their families and friends. You know how to be spontaneous, you are not a hypocrite and you are truly excited to be in company of the people you love. However, it seems that is impossible to you to keep one straight line in all the things you do. Often, when your ‘twin’ awakes, you have tendencies to be very proud and think of yourself as the only righteous and fair person. Meanwhile, you may hurt the feelings of others being impatient, nervous or enraged. This makes you lose control even in serious social situations. You need to find balance between the personalities and drain the positivity from each of them. People love you for being a great friend and pure-heated person, but they won’t stick around with you because they are also aware how ‘explosive’ and unpredictable you can get.

11.Leo: Self-Centeredness Gets In The Way Of Being Self-Aware

Leos are always truly passionate, they feel everything with full heart and they are not afraid to show their emotions. Passionate is the best wrd to describe their personality, but self-centered is even better. Be aware that other zodiac signs are very passionate and emotional too, but Leo is strictly focus on building strong reputaion, being acknowledge, being in the spotlight and staying above the ‘ordinary’ people. This huge self-confidence and egocentrism often leads to delusional view of the world. Leo can be self-conscious and self-aware, but the strong emotions conneted with their egocentrism may lead Leo to very bad decisions and actions. Leo is impulsive, especially when cornered or disputed and, then, rationality is definitely not Leo’s best trait.

10. Capricorn: Too Busy Judging Others

This is definitely the sign that plays by the rules, loves law and order, respects and implements tradition, culture, manners and even conservatism. Capricorn is dedicated to his patterns and sets or rules that give them the feeling of total stability and control. However, they lose touch with reality when they judge people. They are extremely critical, very judgemental and rough in communication. The standards and different values of different people need to be respected. Capricorns should remain focused on themselves only and not let others harass their self-ackonwledgment and improvement.

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09.Sagittarius, you are an extroverted and excited sign.

You are excitable most by things that are foreign to you. You like embracing new knowledge, people, culture and history. Anything new is good for you. You are also idealistic, which contributes to your sunny disposition, though it can also led to an ‘everything will work out’ attitude, which is not always the case.Since you believe everything will work out, you may end up promising more than you can actually deliver or saying something too bluntly to someone. But hey, everything will work out, right? To be more self-aware, consider negative outcomes sometimes. Take off those rose-colored glasses and consider a world in which everything will not work out. This will help you see all possible consequences, consider yourself from a more objective point of view, and also connect to people in a more delicate nature.

08. Pisces: Not Everyone Is As Open-Minded As You

Being open-minded is a great thing, especially in the developed societies. Progress and creativity are also your strong side. However, being kind, loyal, free-spirit and compassionate person is not enough to secure self-consciousness. In social situations, this zodiac sign is definitely not doing well. You are like Phoebe from the famous show Friends- you are a great carrying person with strong emotions and imagination- but you lack the social skills and you don’t accept the social patterns of society. In some concepts that’s understandable, judging how cruel humanity has become, but if you want to live a healthy fulfilled life, you need to share happiness with others and respect their ways, rules and behavior.

07.Taurus: Too Stubborn To See How Others See You

Taurus is definitely one of the most loyal and dedicated zodiac signs when it comes to relationships. Taurus is always able for taking huge risks and sacrifices for the people they love, but their stubbornness destroys everything. If you are Taurus, it means that you are unable to accept criticism and show constructiveness and open-mindedness for change. First of all, you are not perfect. Taurus may be a little selfish and greedy, sometimes harsh and rough, but still, Taurus is honest and loyal. The people who love them often want to help them by trying to help them notice their negative sides. This is unacceptable for most people born under the sign of Taurus. Criticism and need for changes inflame negative feelings of jealousy and anger. Stubbornness, on the other hand, is instrumentally used by Taurus as a self-defense, but this subconscious element lacks the self-awareness of the Taurus.

6. Cancer: In Touch With Your Moods, But Also Too Moody

Cancer, you are an extremely emotional water sign. While the Pisces comes off as whimsical and the Scorpio comes off as secretive, you, Cancer, come off as straight up emotional. Though, this can be a good thing, as you are also very perceptive to the emotions of others. In social situations, you’re the type to be sympathetic to even the ‘villain’ of the situation, since you tend to view things from all angles.

While you are conscious of yourself in social situations, you may not be as self-aware as you come off to others. Because you’re so ruled by your emotions, you sometimes have a difficult time getting to the root of the issue. Instead of figuring out why you’re feeling sad or jealous or angry, you simply feel those things too heavily to understand why.

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5. Aries: Your Impulsiveness Can Get In The Way

Aries, as a fire sign, you share the bright, positive attitude of other fire signs. You are confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Nothing can get in your way! You’re a go, go, go type of person. Forward movement all the way, every day.

Because of this, you can be impulsive and short-tempered. This impulsive nature can be very evident in social situations, y’know like when you freak out on someone or decide to go skinny-dipping at a party. In the future, it’d be best to take a moment and ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this’ before acting. This will both keep you from making mistakes and help you get to know yourself a bit better.

That said, your self-aware is strong, though hindered by your competitive nature and impulsive edge.

4. Aquarius: Your Intellectual Thought Helps You Be Self-Aware

Your mind is as large, brilliant and impressive as the universe itself. Your emotions, on the other hand, represent the true original emotional ‘cocktail’ of the deep human soul. You represent mysticism and wisdom, you want to live life from a higher perspective. Your intellectual side, as you can see, is your strongest weapon. Aquarius have strong tendencies of being wild and inquisitive spirit and Aquarius has the strongest imagination. This may be a little issue to keep the constant rational and intellectual view of all things, as well as the pragmatism in the actions. Anyway, the strong will and determination to seek spiritual enlightenment, combined with the strong natural intelligence and inquisitive mind, makes Aquarius one of the top 5 most self-aware zodiac sings.

3. Scorpio: The World’s Best Secret Keeper

Scorpio, it shouldn’t shock you to see your sign this high on the list. You are a water sign, which puts you in a deep connection with emotions. You feel your own emotions deeply and are also very perspective to the emotions of others. Unlike the aloof Pisces and moody Cancer, you play things very close to the chest. Yes, you may be highly emotional, but you don’t always let that show.

Because you internalize things, you have time to feel and analyze your emotions, which allows you to discover why you’re feeling certain feelings. Of course, your passion is sometimes the problem. You’re a very passionate sign and your passion can warp your mind. You may find yourself taking action, saying something in public, or doing something out of character, and not knowing why. On the other hand, you can be very passionate, but keep your head calm.

To be more like a Scorpio is a hard task actually. Finding the perfect balance between the emotions and thoughts is hard. However, it’s easy for those who are introverts and know how to keep their thoughts and emotions inside. To make it simple- patient and calm people can have the Scorpio traits and become more self-aware. The most important skill of the Scorpios is their observing and detailed analyzing of all emotions. They do it slowly and they pay attention to every detail. This makes them understand their own nature and control themselves even in the hardest social situations.

2. Virgo: Very Analytical, But Sometimes Too Mean To Yourself

So, we continue the story from Scorpio- Virgo has the same traits- they are able to observe and analyze every detail of their own being, but the outside world too. They also have the patience to find the balance between their thoughts and emotions. On the other hand, they have understanding for the world and they won’t choose the ‘introvert’ way to grow as person. They want to socialize and be part of the group, they want to share their wisdom and make the world a better place.

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However, their downfall is heavy- they love criticizing themselves and become their own worst bully. Getting above this issue is easy- if you already acknowledged yourself and the others around you, you already know how imperfect and even sick humans are. Try to be the best version of yourself and start by stopping your self torture that keeps you away from seeking happiness and fulfillment.

So, you want to be a little more like a Virgo? It starts with being able to step away from attention for which many of us are desperate. A Virgo doesn’t need attention to feel good. Giving up the need for attention and praise will make you more independent and give you more time to connect with yourself.

While being analytical and critical of yourself is good, the Virgo tends to take it too far from time to time. However, there are a few signs that could use the Virgo’s critical nature. All of the fire signs – Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo – could be a little more critical. That will help lessen their inflated egos and make them more self-aware.

1.Libra: Congrats, You’re The Most Self-Aware Sign

As you already concluded, the sign that has the most perfect balance of them all will win this ranking for sure. To become fully self aware, you need to become self-conscious, but conscious about the other people too. You need to understand that your own consciousness may be very different from the consciousness of another person. On the other hand, you need to find balance between the material and spiritual world, to value, accept and understand both primary concepts of existence in our universe.

In the end, Libra has all of these traits. Libras love justice, fairness, peace and harmony. They look for symmetry in all things and they know how to pay attention to the right thing at the right time. They are naturally growing in self-aware creatures with respect for the existence of all things in the universe and their connectivity. Relativizing things is their little flaw, as well as their too much optimistic view of the world. They should be more reserved and more careful in social encounters, not to trust humanity so much, nor to be obsessed with the mystical power of the universe.

The Libra is more a big picture sign. Instead of dwelling on petty fights or every day annoyances, the Libra is able to look at things in the scheme of the whole world. The Libra knows that one person is not the whole world. This objective point of view is what helps the Libra have a clearer view of themselves and a clearer view of social situations.

Be aware that Libras are not interested in the form, but in the essence of all things. They respect the form, of course, as the vital element of all things, but the essence is crucial. Libras avoid big conflicts and you won’t see them fighting around with people.

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