If You are Experiencing Any of These 20 Signs, Your Soul Is Getting Quantum Upgrades

If you are among the ‘chosen ones’ on this planet you may often face unpleasant emotional and physical disbalance. If you are a lightworker, volunteer or earth warrior, you certainly had experienced some of the symptoms above, even if you are not fully conscious of your higher self.

Lightworkers always pass through certain quantum upgrades led by the strong energy of the universe itself. Those who are conscious and spiritually enlightened invest all of their energy to embrace, activate and integrate these important quantum upgrades.

If you experience any of these 20 signs your soul is getting necessary Quantum Upgrades so you can become the Lightworker you were meant to be.

1. You establish connection with intense highs of lighter frequencies. You can feel the light floating and you have a slight flying sensation.

2. Your energy healing its significantly upgraded. You can control your tiredness and healing effects of your body.

3. You are able to see through hypocrisy, politics and all evilness in this world. You detach from the patterns of society.

4. You become extremely sensitive to the energy around you.

5. You change your breathing patterns. You may see yourself breathing slowly or in some weird rhythms. Your chi energy is starting to outburst.

6. You understand and accept the concept of synchronicity. You respect the laws and rules of the universe and you care to secure good karma.

7. Deja vu, flashbacks, time fluctuations, dimensional slippage and more- all of these is slowly becoming part of your reality.

8. You feel the need or the renewed drive to get on with your mission. This mission includes changing, healing, and protecting the world.

9. You feel the Chakra activations. This causes heart palpitations, low blood pressure, nausea, aches and even flu-like symptoms.

10. You draw some people towards you, like a moth to a light.

11. You feel disinclined by other people. They stay away from your energy.
12. You are less able to adapt to a stealth mode and more careful on the choice of your companions.

13. You move your body to enable and encourage energetic flow. You are drawn to activities like chi gong, reiki, and yoga. It matters much to you to be flexible, looser, more fluid in movement; to have open hips and pelvis, chest and shoulders; to have a straightened back and aligned hips.

14. You have an increased empathic feelings. You also feel the need for vigorous self-care to transmute and clear negative energy regularly.

15. You trust more the universal flow of love frequency. You are attuned to knowing the right things.

16. You completely break the boundaries of the modern matrix and you re-program the ‘algorithms’. You grow over the consumeristic and materialistic way of life and focus more on living a holistic and spiritual life.

17. You awake your own chakras, you learn how to control your body in coordination with your spirit. You focus on keeping high frequency vibrations all around you.

18. You experience intense periods of the release of karmic and matrix toxins. Physical symptoms include shaking, shivers, heat waves or nausea, aches, and pains. To overcome this, you have to surrender, accept, release it and just be.

19. You often got hit by depression, anxiety, panic attacks and even despair. Your restlessness complicates your life, but in the end, it always seems that you have the needed energy to break free from the emotional ‘terror’ and get back on the right track.

20. You feel connected to everything and all. You understand the micro-macro cosmos relations and you want to improve your way of life by living as one with everything else in the universe.

Source: LifeCoachCode

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