Staying Single is Better Than Settling For Someone Who Is Not The ‘Right One’

Being single is sometimes the best possible decision you could ever make, especially if you struggled for too long to find the right person and had many wrong ones.

Love and human bonding is something special, something blessed by the most powerful energy of the universe itself, but there is a huge difference between true love and allusion.

Robin Williams while playing one of his greatest characters says that you know what true loss is when you love someone more than you love yourself. The wisdom to ‘crack’ relationships is very simple- nobody is perfect, but you are able to find someone that’s perfect for you and make the perfect bonding.

The small things make the relationship beautiful, those little moments that last whole eternity and make us smile every time we recall on those beautiful times. To be honest, in these modern times when most of the people are obsessed with the material reality and have different concepts about marriage and establishing the family, it’s hard to find the perfect one.

We still defend the thesis that each family is a vital cell of each society, but here we’re talking about functional families, families forged of purest love, passion and will. On the other hand, being in a dysfunctional marriage or relationship equals suffering and pain.

Love is not supposed to have you walking around on eggshells. Love is supposed to bring you someone that pushes you towards your dreams and supports you in all that you want to do in this world. Sometimes this kind of thing is nowhere to be found and in those instances, you shouldn’t settle for someone that holds you back.

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The question of this article is: ‘Is it better to stay single or be in a relationship with doubts, without being fully ensured that you are with the ‘right one’ ?’

The answer is very simple- staying single is a way better option. Why? Because you never know when will the right one approach. The ONE will appear when you least expect, all you have to do is have faith, confidence and pure heart.

Some people wait for too long, even for a decade or more, but in the end, they are able to enjoy the fruits of pure love and passion.

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