Nothing Is Random Accidents And Coincidences Don’t Exist

Coincidence is the pseudonym of the universe without it being known to us.

You already know that the universe has the magic of connecting people. We as humans search for the perfect life to live; we want the ideal job and a dream partner, we go to extreme measures to attain it.

In fact behind curtains is a hidden machinery organisation that creates our ideal relationships for us. This is the universal centre for coincidences.

You should know by now that random events don’t exist. What we see as coincidences is basically a magic affair created by the universe which doesn’t want to reveal itself in this reality, so in consciousness coincidences never play. Everything that has occurred in your life right now is the outcome of your notions and intentions.

When you are trying to fulfil your hearts desires, always know the universe is aware of your plans. The universe orchestrates everything in your life, it knows who you are, and every thought is recorded.

Whatever you do, take action without stress, do everything within your power, and just leave the cosmic centre to take charge of the small details.

When an individual does everything to realise their ambitions, sometimes they rely on the guidance’s of the invisible forces, that’s when big things may happen. Whether you plan, just calculate, or pray, you do things you possibly know, then you let it take its natural course. Your potential to let go is significant and perhaps influential as a prayer.

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You will meet many on the journey they are characters from the book of your life. Your main worry is to make it better, so the final book turns out great.

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How you are directing your life is entirely up to you.

Everything lies in your hands.

For now, I want to wish you much magic and many miracles in your life as possible.

Source: spiritualunite

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