Conscious Sex: When a Man Enters a Woman With The Soul

In this article, we will focus on one interesting and popular term in the modern concepts of spirituality- the ‘conscious sex’. The connection between human beings, as well as the manifestation of the energy produced by the bonding, is something that makes us learn more about the fascinating nature of interhuman connections.

The conscious sex represents the true, deep sexuality that involves all elements of the romantic connection between two human beings. Be aware that, if you want to understand this concept, you must acknowledge the true nature of the sexual connection.

The true sexual connection is something way above the physical pleasure and material manifestation of passion or love, but it is a deep soulful merging that forgest a strong spiritual and physical bond.

Sex is a vital force, a force that should be understood, and dealt with, yet so many people avoid dealing with it in an effective manner. They continue to run from any true, and passionate encounter with another or become frustrated with it. No matter which way you go, neither of these directions will bring you satisfaction.

How to do the real thing? It’s not hard at all, just make the sexual connection with your partner truly meaningful, make it your temple and act like it. Never rush in or just jump in- take the things slowly, indulge every sensation, let your whole body stay under control of the strong emotions.

Make every touch sensible and passionate, invest your whole body and spirit in what you’re actually doing. Of course, it will take time until you succeed to fully connect with your partner and let your spirits enter each other, but still, you will do it with joy and pleasure.

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The origin of the sexual connection, for real, lies in the reproductive needs that are permanent to all human beings. However, the spiritual connection and the strength of the most powerful emotion- LOVE, made the greatest miracles happen. People fought wars and changed worlds for love. This explains enough how powerful the interhuman bonding is.

Source: Awarenessact

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