If You Do These 7 Things Negative Energy Won’t Harm You

Being trapped inside the prison of negativity and toxicity definitely changes people. On the other hand, being surrounded by positive high-frequency energy vibration contributes to securing fulfilled life, happiness, and good health.

In this article, we share 7 steps that will help you block negative energy and protect your spirit from the negative influence from the outside.

1. Recognize where the negative energy comes from.

To change things, first you need to acknowledge them as best as possible and cause a direct influence on the most crucial points. Giving critical hits and being the winner against negativity is simple, but you must keep your heart pure, have only good intentions, focused only on yourself and your spiritual tranquility.

The good intentions will bring good karma that is going to give you enough courage to be stronger and more confident. This strength will manifest both mentally and physically, just as the negative energy and emotions. When you’re anxious, for instance, you feel nauseous and tense, being positive will secure your tranquility and enthusiasm.

2. In times of trouble, focus more on the solutions.

Most of us instrumentally search for guilt and punishment instead of the solution when something bad happens. This is definitely the wrong mindset. Once you grow as a person, you realize that your inner strength lies in your abilities to truly acknowledge your spiritual side and find the courage to change yourself.

The same applies to your problems. Don’t be ignorant, nor too much obsessed. Try to see the things from the empiristic point of view, act fast and base your decisions on logic and intelligence, not emotions.

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3. Surround yourself with good company.

This is one of the most important steps. People, just like plants, ‘trade’ with their energy. We radiate energy and we receive energy. Everything is fluid and connected, so are the human spirits. Negative people spread toxicity. It can be dangerous for your mental health to be surrounded with negative people draining your energy, but it can be awesome if you are surrounded by positive people who are going to recharge your batteries and put a smile on your face.

4. Be open to any possibilities and let go of expectations.

Stay open minded- this is one of the best pearls of wisdom that you need to have if you want to live fulfilled life, full of joy, happiness and peace. Detach from all of the negative things, emotions and memories from the past. Things that you cannot change are useless to worry about.

Focus on ‘unchaining’ your spirit and try new things. This new approach will let you truly discover your inner self and find out what you really want and what your purpose is. Also, you don’t need to bother with expectations. Live in the moment in full passion.

5. Be compassionate with yourself.

You need to spoil yourself from time to time. Be aware that you always communicate with yourself and you play a huge part in building your own mood at a certain moment. Sometimes, when you feel that you can’t handle the pressure, don’t risk your health, take some time out, nurture yourself.

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Be gentle with yourself for all the past mistakes you’ve committed. Be always aware that you’re an evolving being and committing a mistake is a part of your existence. The way you see yourself is what you actually become.

6. Focus on the things that make you feel great.

After you determine your true nature and your purpose in life, you need to stay focused on the fine stuff only. You will have goals to chase, but you will already define your personality, which means you know what you really want and what makes you truly happy.

Those things should be part of your daily basis, those things should keep you protected from the negative reality of the outside.

7. Change your perspective when you have to.

Well, we have to admit that nothing is actually permanent and sometimes you will have to change the priorities or even redefine yourself. Sometimes, our greatest personal evolution comes unexpectedly and leaves a surprising impact. Be prepared for changes and accept them, don’t get shocked too easily and sometimes relativize if needed.

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