6 Major Warning Signs You Should Trust Your Intuition

Our intuitive powers are a true blessing that makes us different from most of the creatures. Our intuition is definitely our sixth sense and we use it very often, consciously or not. In lots of situations, we hold our heads high only because we listened to our guts.

The tidal waves, nausea, thoughts, strange dreams- all of these things happen to most of us and there is a reason behind it. The mystical ways and rules of the universe are simple, but in fact, so complicated that we are still not able to define them or give a proper definition, but we still recognize them and use them in our own benefit.

In this article, we share the 6 warnings signs that you should definitely trust your intuition:

When you have recurring dreams or experience recurring synchronicities.

We already mentioned the special ways of communicating of the universe and our spirits. We are often having weird dreams or we face interesting synchronicities. These are mediums that help us receive messages from the strong energy of the universe.

When you feel like something just isn’t right.

You know in your gut when something just doesn’t feel right. Go with your gut, follow those hunches and keep seeking second and third opinions until your situation “feels right” again. Our intuitive guidance system is such a blessing, we must remember how to use those bullshit detectors to their full capacity.

When a little voice whispers a message to you.

These ‘voices’ appear more in the form of a thought. However, they are often difficult to recognize and understand. You may see yourself struggling to find out what your inner self is telling you, but if you concentrate enough, it’s easy. Our inner fears manifest in reality, not always, but sometimes its good to depend on your intuition.

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When you ignore ongoing health issues and pretend they’ll go away.

You might have a pesky cough that doesn’t seem to go away or a mole that keeps changing color, or a weird lump that you are trying to ignore. Whatever it is, you really can’t afford to ignore the health symptoms that are being presented to you. Our bodies work just like anything else in our lives, if you ignore problems then they will get bigger until you do something about them.

When you see signs of alignment and choose to ignore them.

Everything and all in the universe is connected. This means that you are supposed to believe in some weird connections if your gut is telling you to do so. Sometimes, these ‘connections’ or alignments are a direct message to you from your higher self and often they mean that you are on the right path. The continuous sequence signs mean that you are soon going to seek some kind of spiritual enlightenment or personal success.

When you have thoughts that don’t make sense.

Sometimes we got hit by a bombardment of thoughts. Most of these thoughts are just senseless, but it’s all up to you to discover the real message hidden among them. Our subconsciousness is full of everything- literally! Well, sometimes there is an outburst of thoughts because of the huge pressure, but there is something bigger behind it and your intuition is supposed to lead the way to discover what and fixing the problem.


Source: Awarenessact

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