How To Love an Old Soul

Loving an old soul is considered to be a true suffering by those who are spiritually poor and not able to look deeper inside the soul of the damaged creature that sees this world with different eyes and emotions.

Old souls are cursed to live in this world poisoned by materialism, consumerism and egoism. It seems that the modern humans are preoccupied with everything else except their own existence, purpose and true goals in life.

We live in a world where we have high expectations in the matrix of strict patterns and rules. Everything is seen from an empiristic point of view, the material is priceless, the spiritual is unneeded. However, this way of life proves to be horrible and unnatural for most of the people.

Diseases strike hard and negativity rules the Earth, not to mention cancers and other manifestations of negativity all around us. The old souls know this, they feel the world on their own skin. They can be empaths too, but not in all cases. However, every single old soul sees a pure beauty and the huge negativity in all people.

They are supposed to witness the big oxymoronic conflict in each human being. When they enter a relationship, they have so many doubts and they want to see the love proved. They are not going to be tricked easy, they want commitment, passion and determination.

When you fall in love with an old soul, you fall in love with stillness, with calm, with emotional intimacy. You know what it feels like to look at someone and be totally seen, to speak to them and know that to them, right now, you are the most interesting thing in the world, and you don’t have to earn their attention or demand it or beg for it. When you fall in love with an old soul, you know what it feels like to finally see the world the way we were probably meant to – with wonder, with awe, with a bright reverence for something as simple as a really blue flower or a really warm night or a really lovely dinner where you leave it feeling lighter and more relaxed and less alone.

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When you fall in love with an old soul, what you’re really falling in love with is someone who reminds you to look at the world with excitement and wonder and fascination – the way you used to do when you were a kid.

Anyway, being in love with an old soul means consuming the most beautiful thing in life in such marvelous fashion. Old Souls can teach you what the true love really is and they can show that one human being is able to make huge sacrifices for another, and all because of the strong energy of the true, permanent human bonding.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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