Powerful New Moon In Gemini – Prepare to Start a New Begining Using Your Creativity

The year of awakenings, spiritual enlightenment and draining of all negativity continue to drive us all! This is the year of radical changes that offers us a different insight into our souls, our patterns of living and our flaws that block the progress in our lives.

Those who are interested in spirituality and follow some simple rules know that we can all use this energy to improve our lives. Each cosmic event this year had a clear manifestation on Earth and our souls felt it for sure.

However, not everybody is conscious about this process that occurs this year on Earth. The zodiac is always here to help. In this article, we share the astrological information for June and the approaching new moon on 13th this month.

This new moon also teaches us that everything is fluid, so is life. Life is all but never linear, already determined or permanent. Life is flowing, moving and shaking.

This new moon falls in the sign of Gemini. This new moon brings the energy of positivity, enthusiasm, creativity and open-mindedness. You may find yourself still struggling with your inner issues and conflicts, but that’s what Gemini represents- duality. You will have to manage your duality and find the balance because this is a period where we all need a little more excitement, risks, and passion. Of course, responsibility comes in a package with the things written before.

The good news is that you don’t have to believe everything you think. At any time, you can choose to let go of thoughts that are no longer serving you, and instead focus on thoughts that are. At any time, you can choose to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones.

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June’s New Moon opens this very doorway for us, and will allow us to gain insights from our higher selves. We all have an innate wisdom within, and we all have the answers that we seek, we just need to journey within in order to find them.

Taking the journey within can sometimes be painful, as buried deep can be pains from the past and traumas from our childhood. We are all carrying around this baggage, but if we can push through anyway, if we can allow ourselves to sit in any uncomfortable emotions, we can gain access to our inner truth.

Gemini energy will also give you the strength to bond with people better. This energy encourages communication and connectivity. However, you may need to adapt your beliefs and views more to the people you love. This is the right time to make changes in order to improve our connections with the people we love and take a fresh start.

Source: Foreverconscious

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