The 5 Most Important Phases Every Twin Flame Relationship Goes Through

This is the connection that makes us write more and more on this topic- the twin flame bonding with its miraculous elements that make it the most beautiful bonding in the universe. It represents a true reunion of two souls that gives birth to the purest love possible.

The twin flame connection is one of the strongest in the whole universe and very mysterious, always surrounded by many questions that need answers. The twin flame connection is characterized by a strong soul-mate bond, big empathy, and compassion, pure love, and understanding, as well as (in some cases) telepathy.

This is the strongest connection between two separate souls. The whole story about the twin flame connection begins with the unity of the two. The twin flame unity is actually a reuniting of the two souls who were, at the beginning of time, together.

However, nothing is perfect, as well as the twin-flame connection. It must not mean that if two twin-flames unite that they are going to keep their relationship alive and strong. Because of this, you need to know the signs if you are in a twin-flame relationship and carefully observe all stages. If you have the chance to experience something magical like the twin-flame connection, then you need to be prepared to keep that sacred bond tight until the end of this life.

In this article, we share the phases you pass in every successful twin flame relationship (reunion):

1. Prepare your self, this is very important.

The twin flame reunion is often ‘announced’ by strange synchronicities, hidden messages and strange flow of strong energy. As we said many times before, the twin flame reunion for the very first time in that reality and level of existence, is a truly cosmic event. Because of it, you will feel that it is going to happen, your intuition will constantly give you signs.

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2. Anticipating meeting with your twin flame.

This is the most powerful moment that you will ever feel. As we already mentioned, the first meeting is extremely intense with strong emotions and energy between the partners. From that moment on, the story begins. Since the first meeting, you will have a strange need to meet this person again and again. This happens to both of the partners and it’s pretty intense. After the first couple of meetings, both of the partners start realizing what’s going on between them. They may not be able to define it, but they feel the power and importance of it for sure.

3. Developing a deeper connection.

After the first initial encounter with your twin flame, both of you will be feeling the magnetic pull, now you will run into each other more often. Your are both being pulled together by the unusual synchronicity. As you both continue your interactions, you will feel the connection deepening, you know the feeling you have known them for lifetime.

4. Your twin flame becomes more important

Your twin-flame will become more and more important, he/she will become the most important person in your life,of course, according to your emotions. However, your sanity will always try to isolate you from those strong emotions. You shouldn’t be in doubt. Be self-confident and invest yourself as much as possible in the relationship. You will certainly know if your partner feels the same way. If that’s the case, if both of us also fully invest in the relationship and even make sacrifices for each other, then you can be assured that the twin-flame ascension is successful. You and your partner will start building the perfect emotional, spiritual and material harmony in your lives.

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5.The Reunion

This is the most important stage. It is very hard to explain the true nature of the twin-flame union, but see it this way: ‘the two souls become one’. When your twin-flame union is completed, you will start feeling way different than ever before. If you somehow lost your twin-flame, you won’t be able to live with that emptiness anymore. Your twin-flame becomes part of you, and you become part of your twin-flame partner. You will have a strong empathic and even telepathic connection and your energy will unite with the powerful negative ions of the universe in our solar system.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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