Ask Yourself These Questions If You Experience An Intense Energetic Connection With Someone

A true soul bonding is a rarity these days, let’s be honest. People are overconsumed by the materialistic, flatter and consumeristic way of living, the emotions are neglected, the material reality is the most important.

This causes people to be very confused when it comes to relationships. There are so many boundaries and so many obstacles that each relationship needs to surpass to be a successful one.

The beauty of genuine love lies in the energetic connection. When two souls become one that is a powerful unity of two different concepts with different manifestation of the same ‘creationist’ energy.

If you think that you have energetic connection with another person or a soul bonding you need to ask yourself questions that are supposed to determine the nature of the connection and the future of that bonding.

Try to create a list of things that you really loved and hated in your previous relationship and summarize. The second question is to check out if you are able to truly bond with someone. Try to acknowledge your true self and define your personality. Some people are lone wolves and their purpose in life is not living with others or sharing their existence.

These questions will give you a better insight to the nature of the connection. The energetic bonding is something that you will definitely feel. It will appear in the form of strong emotions and intense feelings whenever you are around your partner.

Now, focus on the most important elements and characteristics of each long lasting relationship. This is the ‘formula’, or at least something close to that:

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Long lasting relationships have these characteristics:-
– Both of you share a past, a history, a root that is very similar. You have experienced things that are similar and help you connect in depth.

– You both nurture and preach similar values. Your value system and belief system are same.

– Your relationship is strong and beautiful because it started from a blooming friendship which results in a lovely understanding and mutual respect.

– You let yourself be vulnerable in front of your partner because you trust them with your entire being and feel comfortable and safe with them.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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