This Is How You Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks Like Jealousy

This is a very interesting article that will definitely help you see the interhuman connections with different eyes. Us, the humans, are extremely complicated, but our patterns of behaving and connecting with other people are very simple.

We will begin this story like this- we are all aware of the energy flows all around us. We, the people, are also radiating and receiving energy. Our personality, spirit, mind, and body defines the energy of our existence. However, this energy can make miracles, but also could be the root of a total chaos.

Have you ever heard of psychic attack? Psychic attack jealousy: Psychic attack is the negative energy attack that could harm you significantly without you even noticing.

The most important thing to know about the psychic attacks is to know that most of the time people do it completely unintentionally and subconsciously. Our subconsciousness is sometimes very strong and lets our frustrations and negativity burst out.

Jealousy, on the other hand, is just another psychic attack! So, if you feel threatened by people who feel jealous of you, your gut is telling you the truth. Often, people want to hurt us or spread negativity directly at us only by using their thoughts.

Some people know when they feel jealous; they want to harm you intentionally. There are many reasons for people to be jealous of you, some of them are:

You are doing better than them
Your life is moving forward, but theirs isn’t
People love to be around you and not them
You are better than them in looks, career, spouse, etc.
They lack confidence
They fear you being better than them
It is their own weakness that they are neglecting
When you are under a psychic attack, there are many symptoms that could warn you and keep you protected.

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For instance, you start to see nightmares, you feel drained and sad all the time for no reason, pains and illness become a part of your life, you lack energy even to carry out daily work, you start to doubt yourself, depression becomes your partner, and so much more negativity surrounds you.

However, the most important things to keep yourself protected are to keep your heart pure, to know your enemy and to spread positivity. Be what you want others to become- give them a good example.

Just like some people are able to spread negativity, you can do the same, but spread positivity, being happy, put a smile on your face etc.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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