These Are The 7 Ways Used By Empaths To Prevent Energy Drain

As we already know, empaths struggle on daily basis to keep their head and spirit free of the huge pressure that comes in a package with their special abilities. Empaths see the world with different eyes and have a better insight in all of the people or their true selves.

This makes it very hard for them to exist in this world filled with hypocrisy, hatred, evilness, lies and despair. However, they have their own ways to protect themselves and keep theri emotions and rational side balanced. Their energy is constantly drained by the others around them and this becomes serious issue in their lives.

These are the 7 ways empaths prevent themselves from having their energy drained:

1. Cut toxic individuals OUT of your life.

This is the most important rule and imperative for all empaths. Toxic people spread negative energy and drain yours because, as an empath, you naturally tend to make people feel better. In most of the cases, toxic people will put you down, drain your energy and tuin your day.

2. DO NOT waste your time trying to please everyone else.

Focus more on yourself and what you really want to do. Don’t waste your time with unnecesarry people just because you feel obligated for some unknown reason. Be aware that yo uare an empath and others will be naturally more important to you than your own self. However, you should grow above this issue and learn that you have to put yourself first.

3. Say NO when you want to, don’t let others force you into anything.

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Stop agreeing to do things you don’t want to do. Your life is yours to live and you do not have to take responsibility for other people. You are responsible for yourself and that is it, don’t forget that.

4. Work hard to have a more positive outlook on everything.

Be as positive as you possibly can; find the good in everything that happens. There is always a bright side, even if you struggle to see it.

5. Quit caring what other people think.

Stop letting the thoughts of others define you. You are the only person who is able to define yourself. No one else sees or knows what you are going through. They will never understand you in the ways you understand yourself.

6. Spend some time alone each day to recharge.

This is what every empath needs. The time alone is your temple, your hideout, your hope and your source of tranquility. The ordinary people are not going to understand or accept the significance of being alone, but that shouldn’t discourage you not to take this step as a great prevention against energy draining.

7. Meditate as often as you feel is necessary.

The commonly known spiritual practices are a great type of exercise for each empath. Meditation should become part of your daily routine and the difference will be visible immediately. Make meditation a proper charging of your batteries and do it as frequently as you can.

Source: Awarenessact

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