The Real Alpha Woman Will Never Tolerate These 14 Things In A Relationship

Humans have lived both in matriarchate and patriarchate during history. Those who are under the influence of the neo-liberal toxicity are part of the surreal propaganda that proclaims women or some genders are being discriminated or abused.

However, this is not the real truth. You can’t blame the whole gender, despite if there’s a male or female issue. In the 21st century, after we already passed all social stages, both matriarchate and patriarchate, as we already mentioned, we have the equality on all levels, at least in the developed societies.

There, in those societies, we can clearly see that the dominance in each relationship is a product of individual characteristics, not a social trend. In this article, we will remain focused on the alpha women.

Those are the women who dominate in the relationship. Be aware that there’s nothing wrong in being in a relationship with an alpha woman, but there are certain things that they won’t tolerate by any man.

1. They will not tolerate being manipulated.

They are not eager to play mindgames, nor they like liars. They have their own mechanism that protects them from negative individuals and toxic people.

2. They will not tolerate being blamed for things they did not do.

They love and appreciate justice, but in the same time, they are not afraid to fight for their rights until their last atom of intellectual and physical power. They will stand their ground and fight, so don’t you dare to blame them for something that you are not fully sure they actually did.

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3. They will not tolerate unnecessary jealousy.

Like we said, they won’t accept being under suspicion for something they didn’t do. They won’t settle to find understanding or tolerance, but they will give a fast proof to display their innocence and they will make you leave their life forever. They want loyal and committed partners, just like themselves.

4. They will not tolerate emotional abuse.

She will not let you make her feel bad about things she didn’t do and she isn’t going to let you walk all over her. She is not someone that you can just emotionally or physically abuse. She knows when to walk away.

5. They will tolerate being talked down to.

She is not someone that you can talk down to. She knows her place and is not going to let anyone make her feel bad. She knows her worth and is not going to compromise it in any way. If you try to make her feel less than she will put you in your place quick.

6. They will not tolerate unsupportive people.

She will not waste her time on someone that is not supportive. If you don’t want her to be the best version of herself that she can be she will find someone else. You are not going to hold her back.

7. They will not tolerate cheaters.

She will not stay with anyone who cheats on her. If you cheat you are damning the relationship. You must be someone she can trust and she will not trust a cheater.

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8. They will not tolerate controlling partners
She will not let you control her. She is her own person and this is her life. If you try to control her you will be hit hard with the door on the way out.

9. They will not tolerate being lied to.

She will not let anyone lie to her. She has to be able to trust the people in her life. If she cannot trust you, she will show you to the door.

10. They will not tolerate being disrespected.

She will not let anyone in her close circle disrespect her. She people she allows in her life are people she can really believe in. If you disrespect her you will have hell to pay.

11. They will not tolerate people who are flaky towards them.

She will not let anyone be in her life who is flaky. As a person of high standards she has to surround herself with reliable people. You must be able to hold your own.

12. They will not tolerate those who refuse to take responsibility.

They believe in the social patterns that value responsibility, progress and hard work. They won’t tolerate people who run away frm responsibilities. They want to share their lives with people who know how to fight and look straight into the eyes of even the hardest issues. They love fighters who will never give up and, trust us, if you have a huge challenge to pass and you are in a relationship with some of them, they will be the best moral and material support you could ever imagine.

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13. They will not tolerate having to make excuses.

Just leave them be, they have soft part of their heart deep inside and they will find a way to show how they are truly sorry. Don’t push them to anything that hurts their ego and makes them looks weak.

14. They will not Tolerate being taken advantage of.

Their protective system will make your efforts look miserable. They have a good insight and, in the end, you will end up as the one being taken advantage of.

Source: Awarenessact

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