The Unconditional Love Is Not Unconditionally Accepting Everything And Here’s Why

The concept of unconditional love is definitely abused in practice from the modern 21st-century humans. Being part of a strong relationship built on the basis of an unconditional love doesn’t mean that you need to suffer or be part of absurd situations.

In fact, people are absurd sometimes and we need to accept it. Our emotional disbalance causes us to demand incredibly stupid things from our partners, to become toxic out of jealousy and to even to paradoxical things in order to make your relationship better.

Be always aware that love doesn’t solve all issues, but often creates new ones. It’s true that love conquers all, but the true love makes great compromise, demands full commitment and pure hearts and souls of both partners.

In this article, you will see that there are certain common things that most of the people do in the name of the ‘unconditional love’. The human psychology is very complicated, so are the interhuman relationships.

In order to keep the perfect vibe in the good relationship and prevent making your relationship a nasty process of suffering in the name of the ‘unconditional love’, you must follow and respect these rules.

Unconditional love is not…
#1 – All Consuming
It’s normal, when you get into a relationship, to want to spend quality time with your partner. After all, that’s why you are together. If, however, you notice that it’s taking all of your time, focus and energy, cutting you off from everything else that once held a place in your life, then it’s time to reconsider.

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#2 – Empty Words
Sure, anyone can say the right thing, making promises, however, are they following through, backing these promises up with actions? Don’t allow yourself to settle for nothing more than ‘lip service.’ Pay attention to what your partner does or doesn’t do and take it to heart.

#3 – Consistently Painful
You are going to have your arguments, disagreements and challenges, and sometimes these experiences are going to hurt, but if you notice that you hurt all the time without reprieve, moving from one argument to the next, then take note. If you are being treated poorly, you don’t have to stick around for it. Know when to walk away.

#4 – Criticism and Judgment
Your partner should be the one person that you can turn to for support, understanding and a judgment-free conversation. If, however, you notice that all you receive is criticism, misunderstanding and negativity, you deserve better. You don’t have to settle – True unconditional love means having someone in your corner.

#5 – One-Sided Sacrifice
As we previously discussed, true unconditional love requires compromise by both parties. If your partner always demands that you give in to their needs, wants and desires, but is never willing to take steps to compromise for you, then they are simply taking advantage of you.

#6 – Blame and Control
If you have a concern in your relationship, you should be able to bring it up with your partner – discussing your options and finding a solution that works for both parties. However, if bringing up these concerns, you are only met with blame, accusation and negativity, then this is the sign that something is wrong. If your partner uses blame and guilt to control you, this is a sign of a toxic relationship.

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