If Listening To Music Gets You Goosebumps, You Have A Very Unique Brain

The beauty, elegance and power of music are undisputed characteristics of this unique form of expressing the emotions in such a creative and amusing way. However, we are all aware that there is something more about music, something that makes our heart tremble and legs shake.

Science confirms that something really happens there! Actually, more than half od the population living on Earth are definitely feeling emotional reaction to their favorite songs. This is confirmed by a study performed by Mathew Sachs who is a former Harvard undergraduate.

For this research, he had 20 students go into the lab with a playlist of their favorite music. They then had their brains monitored through a brain-scanning technique known as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). This shows how different regions are and how good the neural communications are between them.

Sachs discovered that those who managed to make the emotional and physical attachment to music have a different brain structure than those who do not. The findings, which were published on Oxford Academic, showed that showed that they had/have a denser volume of fibers that connect their auditory cortex and areas that process emotions. In other words, they are able to connect with music on a much deeper level than the group who did not get chills. It appears that because these fibers are thicker than average, it gives them an increased efficiency.

So, it’s simple- if you are among those who get the chills from music, it means that you have a strong and intense emotional personality and high emotional intelligence. However, we have to be aware that this was a small study that didn’t cover every single aspect that causes the effects of music.

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According to Sachs, the neurological system is also connected to music and plays part in its reactions manifesting through our bodies and emotions. This means that music may have more powerful healing effects that we already thought. Anxiety, for an example, is already known to be treated with special music treatments, but if scientists focus more on this field of knowledge, we may face more useful discoveries.

Source: Awarenessact

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