Choose One Of These Mandalas And Discover It’s Message For You

Mandalas are very popular spiritual symbols that hold a central place in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandala is a spiritual sign or a symbol that represents the universe and the strong energy that shifts all around us. These mandalas represent the perfect order and symmetry in the universe, but also, they represent the imperfections that glisten with beauty and the devastating power of the energy that lies in the dimensions beyond.

Mandalas always follow symmetry and they have great geometric patterns. On the other hand, they are unique and hold important spiritual and mystical story behind them. Now, you choose one of the mandalas below and see yours from the pearls of wisdom that lie inside these 6 mandalas.


You are a person that follows moral and behavioral patterns and wants to truly value the progress of an individual and a personal success. You are driven by your dreams and ambitions, you have high standards and you work hard to keep it that way. However, your hard work doesn’t always pay off for you. Maybe because your true intentions are to make the world a better place, to make all others benefit from your hard work and efforts. Be aware that you must focus on yourself only and even take some rest. Stay focused on your own things and don’t let the failures of others put you down.


You also love taking care of others. That is your ‘thing’, but still, you are highly responsible and know how to stay focused on the things that really matter. It seems that you have all of the great traits of a natural born leader, you are able to inspire others and to be the ‘engine’ of each team or social circle.

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You are extremeley intelligent person full of charisma, pragmatic way of thinking and brilliant mind. Anyway, you are an introverted person and you love spending time alone. You have to redefine your personality and, once and for all, find out what you really want in life and what your true purpose really is.


You are truly one of a kind and no one can compare to you. While you may seem strange, you are highly intuitive and creative.The only problem is that you are emotional and often hurt by people who don’t understand you. You see things clearly, both the good and bad sides of life.

You stick to the saying “do it yourself”, so you are highly independent. You trust yourself only and know how to keep your own strength of spirit.You are fully aware of the things you want from life and you are ready to do anything to get it. Honest is the only you thing you ask from others.

You have a large circle of friends as you are great at social bonding and building healthy relationships with others. You have a bright aura and people feel good in your presence.You are a noble and sensitive person who constantly thinks about ways to improve yourself.

Source: Gostica

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