Weekly Soul Guidance: Pick One Card And Check Your Weekly Pearl Of Wisdom

People love to read hidden messages and reveal what their fortune has in store for them. We have to admit, our readers love the articles of this kind, so this week, again, we continue with your weekly cards with a message.

Pick one of the following cards to receive a message for this week and a timely advice that your spirit and soul guids, lightworkers and the universe have to share with you. Be aware that this will definitely be a turbulent week with many exciting moments.

We will all remain focused on our inner selves finding emotional balance after the energy shifts caused by the super new moon on June 13th. Anyway, just pick one of the cards below and read your own message:



Never forget who is the most and only responsible for your body. Our physical and spiritual parts and closely connected and if we want to secure a good life, fulfilled and full of positive energy and happiness we need to care about our physical and mental health too. You learned valuable lessons already this year, but now it’s the time to start taking rest and focusing on taking care of your health.

Your health is your vitality and your vitality is needed for progress. In the past couple of weeks you faced pressures and tension, the next week you should stay away from such things. Relax and nurture yourself a little like you deserve, make a change in your schedule and spend more time with the people you love and make you happy. Taking good care of your physical and mental health should be your imperative for the next week.

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“I will honor the physical vessel that enshrines my soul and nurtures myself along with my journey.”

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Tranquility is a true blessing for those who enjoy it. You may find yourself struggling to find the perfect peace and release your senses fully, let your spirit fly away and unchain your thoughts. However, you faced difficulties in defining your concepts of spiritual peace, consciously or not.

On the other hand, you need to understand that nobody could ever be free from responsibilities, because our responsibilities build our lifestyle and play a crucial role in our behavorial patterns, which means they take part in the definition of our personalities. In the next week, you have to find understanding for your responsibilities, but you must secure your inner peace first. This should be the first step towards learning how to maintain the perfect balance between your responsibilities and the need for inner peace and relaxation.


“I am a being of love, and I release all negative energy.”




Challenges make life complicated, but aren’t those challenges what makes it interesting in the same time? Next week you should do something big towards completing your long-term goals. The obstacles on your path bothered you for too long and stopped your focus and pragmatic way of thinking, but now is the time to get back on the right track.

See adversity as an opportunity to grow bigger, stronger and to reach out to your soul family. Be aware that you are not alone. Whenever you engage in a challenge, remember that you have huge positive energy all around you that will lift you up and encourage you when it’s hardest. However, these tests should prove if you are capable of being what you’ve always dreamed of.

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“I accept that challenges are the best way to learn.”


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