The Easiest Way To Protect Your Energy Field As An Empath

Those empaths again! It seems that they are our definitely most popular topic, but it’s all up to our readers and what they are really interested in.

On the other hand, the modern world of spirituality is literally obsessed with the energetic interconnections throughout the whole universe.

The empath way of living, thinking and existing in this world describes something way different than everything that we would have been able to imagine, of course, if we are not empaths ourselves. Empaths see the world with different eyes, they are natural lightworkers and they are of huge importance for the progress and the sore existence of humanity.

Empaths are able to recognize and even feel the energy of other people, mostly in the form of emotions and feelings. So, try to just imagine how the empaths feel when they are surrounded by hypocrites and mean people who play mind games and want to set someone up.

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Well, it will be a total disaster and endless suffering if you are most of the time surrounded with people like that. Empaths are, actually, we all are, but they are able to see the negative, hidden, disgusting side of humanity and the interhuman relations.

Because of that, empaths are completely drained, they are exhausted and they have strong emotional disbalance. Their suffering often manifests physically through headaches, night terrors, mood swings, tiredness etc.

However, there is a way to protect yourself and confront those fears. Be aware that your energy field needs to be protected. Try to create a positive aura around you, even if you are not an empath. This energy should guide you and make you spot negative ‘missiles’ coming right at you.

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All you have to do is to keep strong and face the fear! Most of the empaths struggle with this kind of issues every day, so they develop strong ignorance and even fear towards social situations where negative energy is spread.

Because of that, you need to face the fear, but keep the barrier strong. Also, try to deny all emotions and thoughts for just a second and focus on your strongest purpose at the moment- TO RESIST the wave of negativity and keep your positive vibe.

If you want to go one step further, then you should definitely start using spiritual techniques that help significantly in your energy protection and cleansing. Meditation is just a great practice, to begin with.The key is to know when to consciously close your energy and when to open it up again to receive all of the beautiful goodies that life has to offer you.

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Source: Sarah Prout

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