This Heartwarming Story Will Teach You Why The Power Of Gratitude Is Source Of Divine Energy

The exchange of gratitude and love have surprisingly huge powers over each human being and the universe as a whole. As you already know, everything and all is connected, so are our feelings and the energy we spread.

Recently, I learned that hindsight helps very effectively and it is a true blessing when it comes to healing spiritual wounds. To learn that too, you just have to read one interesting story by Sarah Prout where she shares her personal experience that actually changed her life. Give it a shot:

A few days ago I was in a hurry to get back to the office, but I needed to fill up the car with gas. I swiped my credit card and a nifty little message displayed which said: “See the cashier.”

Ugh. My level of patience instantly dwindled. At nearly 9 months pregnant and limited time, I didn’t want to have to walk (waddle) into the store, wait, converse and pay.

On my way in there a toothless man held the door open for me, which was so sweet. Having a giant bump makes people more polite and considerate, that’s for sure.

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“How much longer do you have to go?” Said the cashier.

I’d say the guy was in his early 30s. He hadn’t spoken a word to the 3 people that were served before me.

“Late December.” I responded.

And then he said something that made me realize why my card wasn’t being read at the pump. I needed to be there in that store at that point in time.

“My wife and I lost a pregnancy at 10 weeks recently. It was so hard to deal with. Honestly, one of the hardest losses of my life. We’ve both been really sad, especially my wife.”


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My heart sank. I could feel his pain and also the glaring reminder of his loss being triggered by my giant belly. I knew and remembered how that felt.

“I’m so sorry. I know what it’s like, I really do. I’ve lost 6 babies, but this is baby number 4 for me. I was even told once by a doctor that it would be impossible to have a child of my own.”

He looked at me in total shock.

“Six losses? How did you cope? How did you keep trying?”

Sarah continues the storytelling admitting HOW IMPORTANT it was for her to see that random dude at the gas station showing interest and at least little empathy for the loss of a total stranger. This made her show gratitude and her own gratitude gave her the strength to go on and become a stronger person.

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Today, she is a successful writer, but her strength was in her self-respect, self-value and GRATITUDE. Despite everything, she was and she is grateful for her life and she calls all of us to follow her energy and motivate ourselves with gratitude and respect- towards ourselves first, then towards nature and all other people and beings on this planet.

Actually, most of us fall in a heavy depression or blame others for what happens to them. Nobody actually wants to see the bright side when it’s hardest and that’s our huge issue, as humans. Also, when things go perfectly well, we never take into consideration the negative aspects and the possible failure. Because of this, unexpected failures seem like the end of the world to most of the people.

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The key is to find balance in all things- that balance is called gratitude, or at least is one of the crucial components to secure this balance. Try to live like this and you will completely control your anger, you will be more fulfilled with yourself and you will feel more comfortable inside your own skin. For the rest-let the magic work!

Source: SarahProut

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